Why Shopify is the Best eCommerce Platform?

Why Shopify is the Best eCommerce Platform?

eCommerce Websites enable your business to have a great customer base. They offer an opportunity to the customers to conveniently deal online with devices on hand. Old-Styled way of making eCommerce portals has been replaced with the modern cart generating software. These online development applications come with various features as well as qualities. Reduced time, development effort, physical server cost, and staff cost are a few of their benefits.

Among the several e-commerce platforms available, Shopify is the first name most enterprise thinks of when it comes to the best eCommerce Platform.

Undeniably, Shopify is famous across the world, but here are the few important reasons that prove these words valid.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a prominent eCommerce platform containing everything you need or look for your eCommerce store comprehensively. This secure eCommerce software serves as a complete bundle for your eCommerce website and allows you to easily create different pages with an inbuilt online editor, sell in multiple places through the integration of local language support and customize online stores. This platform powers over 500,000 businesses in 175 countries. It is a one-stop-shop for eCommerce merchants who willing to leverage their online store. There is a myriad of reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform.

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Top 9 Reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform

1. Hosted solution

If you’re just launching your online business, web hosting can be a real challenge. Hosting a shopping cart demands some level of technical support and much spare time, which is something startups are particularly short on. However, Shopify is a cloud-based setup and hosted solution where you no need to worry about servers or databases. You can access your store from anywhere with admin login details & an internet connection without any setup. The most important thing is it supports you in handling payment gateway, which makes your work easy and seamless.

2. Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Shopify includes built-in marketing tools that lower the costs of a start-up. It allows you to add the page title, Meta titles, unique URLs, Meta description, make pages visible & invisible and redirect pages whenever necessary. It also enables you to optimize the store based on your preference. Besides, it integrates into Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the most famous social media platforms that pave the way to boost product promotions.

3. Commendable Technical Support

You will require some technical assistance while running an online store with an eCommerce shopping cart. Shopify ensures 24/7 technical support; hence, you can reach the customer care whenever any glitches arise. They will pick the call or direct yon on live chats.

4. Speed & Security

Speed is the crucial factor for the success of an eCommerce site as it helps to stimulate your sales. The faster your web pages load, the more your site retains the users. Shopify also offers the best service in terms of security as well as integration among the payment providers. With a built-in speed checker, it enables the users to complete payments at the nominal loading time.

5. Reduces Errors & Data Duplicity Issues

In the case of entering information in multiple fields and forms, the manual data entry includes the possibility of errors and duplications. Moreover, issues appear when the errors are not properly tracked. Shopify comes with automated solutions to simplify the data entry process and remove data duplicity.

6. Advanced Functionality

Shopify provides the advanced functionality to you with a plugin/application style platform that enables you to download, install as well as customize the site. Besides the features to enhance sales and social media promotion, it also offers inventory management, accounting, and business reporting. It also has the option to set email autoresponder integrations that can support you to automate as well as run your business on autopilot.

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7. Own Payment Gateway

Maintaining an effective payment process is a vital step for the eCommerce store for getting paid by customers. Shopify deals with a variety of payment methods. Besides being integrated with plenty of payment gateways, it offers its own as well. Its payment gateway offers no transaction fees and lower credit card fees. You no need to have a merchant account to use this gateway.

8. 14-Days Free Trial

If you want to test the features of Shopify, you can use its free trial pack. The only thing you need to do is create an account by providing a few contact details and answer a few questions about your initiative. After creating the account, you will get a 14-days free trial where you can test all the features of Shopify. You can add the product, create product variations, create collections and link them, change storefront design, language support, Product filter, Store setup, and dashboard settings. The only action that is restricted in free trial is publishing your domain live, but Shopify provides its default primary domain in the form of “examplestore.myshopify.com”.

9. Visually Appealing Online Store

Shopify is equipped with a wide range of professional templates, which enables you to create a unique as well as visually appealing online stores. It includes a variety of themes, but it is not limited to the online theme editor. Shopify developers and designers can develop the Shopify themes locally with Theme kit.

Why hire Shopify Developers?

Building a successful online store is not only boosted by the ease of browsing and extreme appearance, but it requires continuous support of the developer to make the store more convenient and leading among its competitors day by day.

If you are seeking assistance in establishing an online store, a valid suggestion is to hire Shopify developers. Today, Shopify developers are gaining an edge over web developers as business owners are seeking Shopify developers to design Shopify stores. Shopify is based on Ruby on rails and everything it returns the data in an object so technical assistance is required to filter it out to present on the web. The developers have good hands-on experience in HTML5, SaaS & jQuery with liquid code understanding.

Overall, Shopify is a complete eCommerce cloud-based tool. It is affordable and saves more time and resources. If you want full control over the structure and setup of the store, then Shopify is an ideal platform for you.


Vinit Sharma, a seasoned technologist with over 21 years of expertise in Open Source, cloud transformation, DevSecOps strategy, and software architecture, is a Technical Architect leading Open Source, DevOps, and Cloud Computing initiatives at Clarion. Holding certifications as an Architect and Business Analyst professional, he specializes in PHP services, including CMS Drupal and Laravel, contributing significantly to the dynamic landscape of content management and web development.

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