Why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development Tool

Why Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development Tool

Consider a day without your smartphone. Doesn't that seem like a nightmare? We're all guilty of becoming overly reliant on our phones, for better or worse. Welcome to the 21st century, where there's a mobile app for everything. Our lives have been made more accessible, more efficient, and uncomplicated thanks to mobile applications. It's transformed our lives into a piece of cake by condensing hundreds of things into a single little app. We're pretty confident we've conveyed the importance of mobile applications by now.

If you're still not convinced, let the data speak for themselves!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile app downloads surged by 23.3 percent. According to App Annie's research, mobile app downloads have increased by 45 percent since 2017.

According to Marketing Charts, mobile app usage now accounts for 70% of all digital media time, far outstripping all other forms of media consumption. The performance of a brand's mobile application determines the trust of a brand for 48% of consumers. It is undeniable that smartphone applications have become an integral part of our lives. However, the topic of how mobile apps are built and what technologies we may utilize emerges.

The increasing importance of mobile applications in our daily lives has resulted in software solutions such as Flutter App Development, which are transforming the app development business for the better.

Flutter is one of the most popular and successful cross-platform app development tools available. However, you'll need the appropriate tools to create high-quality, responsive apps that satisfy your consumers.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK that allows you to create native-looking Android and iOS apps using the same code. Flutter has been around since Google unveiled it in 2015, and it remained in beta until December 2018, when it was officially launched.

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Why Use Flutter?

Flutter, often known as the Flutter SDK, is a Google open-source UI software development kit. It allows you to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and the web with a single codebase. The framework enables you to develop attractive, responsive, and natively built apps using existing code.

Why Should Businesses Select Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development?

To begin, it is apparent that Flutter may provide a broad range of benefits and make the entire app development process easier and faster for any software development firm, as seen by the following perks.

Apart from that, here are a few key reasons why businesses should use Flutter to build apps:

  • It saves time and guarantees a short time to market.
  • Reduced code development time, resulting in a faster time-to-market.
  • UI and business logic are consistent across all platforms.
  • Create your rendering engine.
  • With Google Firebase, you can create a serverless app.
  • For all degrees of complexity, a custom animated user interface is available.
  • Capability to expand beyond mobile
  • Implementation of simple, platform-specific logic

Cross-Platform App Development Tools

Examples of some very famous Flutter Apps

Every day, the number of Flutter apps grows. Google Ads and Google Assistant both use the SDK, so it's a good place to start. Who else is enamored by Flutter's quickness, simplicity, and ease of use?

  • Alibaba (e-commerce)

Flutter, which powers Xianyu, the group's second-biggest online shopping platform with over 50 million downloads, is trusted by the world's largest e-commerce firm.

  • Groupon (marketplace)

The top discount marketplace wanted to update its merchant-facing interface by visualizing payment data, simplifying campaign management, and enhancing coupon redemption. Groupon included Flutter widgets into the native code rather than rewriting the app from the ground up to accommodate these capabilities. This accelerated the delivery of those features to end customers while preserving their app experience.

  • Realtor.com (real estate)

Realtor is a unique Flutter-powered mobile app that helps Americans discover their perfect house. The framework has been incorporated into the company's current Android and iOS apps to deliver a consistent user experience across screens and platforms, complete with straightforward, aesthetically pleasing graphical components, high-quality images, and rich visualization.

Top Flutter Cross-Platform App Development Tool in 2021

Top Flutter Cross-Platform App Development Tool

1. Panache

App Development Tool Category – DesignApp Development Tools

Panache is a Flutter Material Theme editor that aids Flutter developers in creating visually appealing Material themes for their apps. You may easily modify forms, colors, and other key theme elements using Panache. You may save the theme file as a '.dart' file to your Google Drive once you've finished developing it with Panache.

Key Features

  • Create lovely material themes.
  • Colors and shapes of widgets can be changed.
  • Open-source and completely free
  • After you've finished the coding structure, you may access the codes.

2. Supernova

App Development Tool Category – DesignApp Development Tools

Supernova just released a Flutter support tool that can help any Flutter project get off the ground. This tool enables Flutter developers to apply animation styles in real-time across all platforms, automatically insert design layers into native widgets, and generate responsive flexbox layouts in the background. One of the significant advantages of using Supernova is that it saves a ton of time for developers. Many Flutter developers prefer Supernova for working on the app design, experience, and usability metrics. You can make changes to your Flutter app in real-time using Supernova.

Key Features

  • Forward design to Flutter
  • Smart prototyping
  • Responsive, production-ready layouts
  • Seamless iteration

3. Adobe XD

App Development Tool Category – DesignApp Development Tools

XD to Flutter is an open-source collaboration tool for building apps with the Flutter platform using Adobe XD designs. This plugin allows developers to create great mobile app designs since it offers a simplified and complete design approach. It generates a.dart file that developers may drop into their app's source code. Adobe XD may also be used for wireframing, prototyping, animation, and collaboration all from one place.

Key Features

  • Design and layout
  • Animation and Prototyping
  • Collaboration and handoff
  • Design system

Flutter Development Services

4. Codemagic

Codemagic is a powerful Flutter cross-platform development tool that speeds up the creation of Flutter apps. You can quickly create, test, and distribute mobile applications using this solution. It enables smooth and continuous integration and delivery for Flutter-based app development.

It removes the requirement for configuration when it comes to releasing your software to the market. It also has an automated function that allows you to test and develop your app with ease. It also simplifies the launching procedure and makes it painless and straightforward.

Key features:

  • Eliminates manual intervention
  • Up-to-date with the recent developer tools
  • Continuous delivery for 20% faster time-to-market

5. Test Magic

Test Magic is one of the best Flutter development tools that allows Android and iOS apps to be tested and deployed. It lets you download and deploy continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) builds to connected devices. To ensure improved app operation, you may collect comments and screenshots and upload them. This tool also works with Codemagic, allowing you to manage provisioning profiles and test gadgets.

Key features:

  • Entire E2E testing
  • The one-script concept for all
  • AI-based object identification support
  • Support for various databases and file formats

6. Firebase

Flutter app concepts from Firebase can assist app developers in mirroring a device's screen actions onto a system. Because a USB cable does not provide a data connection, it may be done fast. To utilize these flutter app features, you'll need to install the Vysor Chrome extension on your browser.

Key features:

  • Accelerate the app development
  • Release and monitor performance
  • Rich analytics
  • Messaging campaigns and A/B testing

7. Amplitude

For Flutter app developers, Amplitude is a product intelligence solution. It enables you to figure out how your customers use and engage with your mobile app. Amplitude helps you track meaningful data and integrate it with your Flutter app development efforts when utilized for Flutter app development.

Key features:

  • In-depth user insights
  • Improves product experiences
  • Increases lifetime retention and value
  • Speeds up product testing

Now here is some Good news! No matter which tool for the business you use, if your development is in the hands of the right team, you can rest assured that they will use their expertise. We at Clarion provide flutter services using all these tools. If you have any project idea in mind, get in touch with us and hire Flutter Developers, and we will assist you in all possible ways. In the meantime, you can check our Case studies.

It is popular…..But is it what I am looking for?

Some of the most effective Flutter app development tools for 2021 are those listed above. If you use the Flutter framework to create an app, you may use any of them. Because Flutter is one of Google's greatest UI frameworks, you can use these capabilities to create appealing apps that millions of people across the world can use.


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