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Quality testing is the most crucial phase of software development life cycle. More and more organizations are realizing the importance of software testing in quality delivery. With the headway of testing industry across domains, test automation has also become an increasingly critical and strategic necessity. To make the most of our test efforts, we need to make it reusable and manageable. 

Here we present some essential test automation guiding principles to follow –

• Test automation is full time effort

• There should be proper test frameworks which fit in our requirements, and that should be application independent

• The framework should be easy to maintain and expand

Plus, some key factors for successful inclusion of test automation - Selecting an automation tool is another challenge faced by many in the industry. Options are plenty in the market but we need to evaluate tool as per our requirement and suitability to achieve desired results.

test automation guiding principles

Factors to consider while evaluating and selecting an automation tool –

• Type of application

• Type of testing we are carrying out

• Cost of tool

• Training and support

• Maintenance cost

• Tools extensibility and performance

The process of finding a perfect automation tool for your application doesn't end here. The next phase is to select test automation framework. There are some crucial selection principles for test automation framework to consider which also makes the framework selection a challenging task. 

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Types of test automation framework available for selection - 

Types of test automation framework

So vital things we need to make test automation implementation successful are – a right approach, effective automation tool and reusable test automation framework. As you start practicing automated testing diligently, the increase in your productivity and the quality of the resulting deliveries would be unmatched to any other single test exercise.