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React vs Flutter: What must you choose for an app development in 2022

React vs Flutter: What must you choose for an app development in 2022

Flutter and React Native are the two leading players in mobile application development industry. They help you build your dream applications and accelerate your business growth most efficiently. But business owners always have this question: which platform is better, React or Flutter? Or, who should we choose in this Flutter vs React Native debate? So, we thought, why not make a blog, or we can say a guide out of it to help you understand both of the platforms and see how they work and which can work the best for you.  

Let’s dive deep and see.

What is it?


Flutter is nothing but a portable UI toolkit that builds natively complied applications across mobile, web, and desktops from a single code base.

React Native

It is nothing but a framework to build native applications with the help of React.

When were they officially released?


Flutter was released officially in 2018. Google created it

React Native

React Native was officially released in March 2015. Facebook created it.

Lets see each one of them for their various aspects.


Flutter is a comprehensive app software development kit with a wide range of widgets and tools.

What is Flutter used for?

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Flutter is its ability to enable cross-platform application development. It helps the developers quickly build and deploy visually attractive applications for the platforms like iOS, Android, web, and desktop, with the help of a single codebase.

Are there any famous applications made using Flutter? 

  • Alibaba, one of the biggest eCommerce companies in India, has an application made with Flutter that is Xianyu.
  • An official application for broadway music called Hamilton app is made in Flutter.
  • Another powerful application called eBay motors are built with Flutter. It allows its users to browse, buy and see the vehicles directly.

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How does Flutter support the following?

Flutter support for desktop

  • While developing desktop apps with Flutter, one can compile Flutter source code in native windows, macOS, or Linux Desktop.
  • The desktop support of Flutter also extends, where developers can install the existing plugins that support macOS, Windows, etc.
  • One thing worth noticing is Flutter desktop support is available as a Beta release.

Flutter Support for Web

The experience Flutters web support delivers is quite similar to desktop. It simply means one can build applications for Android, iOS, etc. This support is also helpful in the scenarios like,

  • Progressive web apps
  • Single page application
  • Existing mobile applications

A little more about Flutter

  • It is open-source and created by a team at Google
  • First, the beta release of Flutter was in February 2018
  • Flutter bets two release was in April 2018
  • Flutter beta three release was in May 2018
  • Google is consistently developed, and Google

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React Native

What is React Native?

React Native is nothing but an open-source mobile application framework that utilizes JavaScript.

What is React Native used for?

React Native is used for a bunch of things,

  • It is a very trusted option for cross-platform development
  • One can build mobile apps using JavaScript
  • You can build applications for both Android and iOS, that too with a single codebase

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How does React Native extend its support?

To develop desktop and web applications with Native, it is suggested to use external libraries. Kindly note that the applications built with React Native cannot be considered mobile web applications. It uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as iOS and Android. The components React Native uses are parallel to widgets in Flutter.

A little more about React Native

  • React Facebook creates a native in the summer of 2013. It was an internal Facebook project.
  • React Native’s one preview release was in January 2015
  • A few more enhancements that Facebook is working on are,

- It is minimizing the size of the application by moving the optional features or components

- Using TurboModules for enhanced handling of native modules

- Re architected UI layer

Are there any famous applications made using React Native? 

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • FB Ads Manager
  • Pinterest
  • Skype
  • Tesla
  • Bloomberg

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So, we have put it out for you to know everything about these two beautiful platforms.


In this ongoing debate of Flutter vs. React, we say you read about both the parties and see what suits the best for your business needs. We cannot tell you which platform is better than the other. There is no better platform, just something that works the best to your requirements.

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