Why Choose India for Mobile App Development Outsourcing?

Why Choose India for Mobile App Development Outsourcing?

Offshore software development is becoming a common buzzword these days. Simply put, offshore software development is another name for outsourcing your business to another team of specialists in another location. As businesses scale across the globe, there are zillion things to be taken care like building new digital products, websites, apps, chatbots, inventory management systems, team management, hiring, managing projects, etc., In such scenarios partnering with dependable offshore software development companies can prove to be a smart choice for business owners.

The best thing about offshore development is that it lends unmatched benefits like efficient execution of projects with access to best-in-class multi-skill developers, faster turnaround times, shared responsibilities, and access to the latest technologies at considerably lower costs.

Offshore App Development in India – Why Is It the Best Option?

Did you know that according to a recent survey, 80% of US and European companies prefer India as their preferred outsourcing destination? In fact, according to a report by the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have chosen to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing companies, and it's not just about the numbers.

India is undoubtedly fast emerging as a hub for outsourcing mobile app development and a preferred destination. This trend is anchored on certain facts that have made India the preferred software outsourcing hub. Factoring the industry context, in today's world, every business aims to increase its revenue, audience base, brand awareness, sales, and popularity.

Mobile applications can do all this and help companies find multiple growth opportunities and generate significant revenue. Hence there is a surge in demand for mobile app developments.

Some interesting statistics back this:

The total number of smartphone subscriptions for 2016-2021 has surpassed 6 billion. This number is expected to be on a growth trajectory with major populated countries in the world, especially China and India, still witnessing a less than 70% penetration of smartphones in the respective markets.

India has been at the forefront of meeting this demand for Mobile app development outsourcing.

The country has world-class talent, experience, and expertise to create robust applications, all bundled with a competitive pricing structure that has enabled businesses to scale new heights – be it growth-stage startups, SMBs without any technical backend, or more giant corporations.

Let's look at why India is fast emerging as a hub for mobile development and a preferred destination for outsourcing successful app development. If you are in the consideration window to outsource your business needs to a dependable mobile app development company that can enable your business with the right resources, and capabilities at effective costs, it is time you take a serious look at India.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Outsourcing to India:

Cost-effective approach

One of the primary reasons mobile app software development is outsourced to India is its cost-effectiveness. Hiring, software architecture consulting, licensing, and training-related cost heads inflate the in-house development cost. This can be avoided by deciding to outsource app development in India.

In fact, according to research data from Statista, Indian developers can build a mobile app three times cheaper than their American counterparts. This means entrepreneurs can channel this for other equally critical business expenses like expansion, improvements, marketing, etc.,

Dependable and Top-quality App Development Outsourcing

Indian software development companies are known for their professional approach to serving their clients in line with business expectations. Quality work and innovation are the strongholds of a majority of Indian developers. Depending on your individual business needs, you can get access to highly qualified professionals who meet the highest standards in software development.

Access to Highly Skilled Developers

India offers unparalleled competition to other countries in extending skilled and competent mobile app developers. Its high reliance on Intelligent technology and a talent pool of a large number of skilled engineers, combined with high accountability and ownership, contribute towards quality and shorter build time for businesses. What makes them dependable is the quality of resources and a proactive approach that lead to more efficient and faster software development. Additionally, offshore project managers and team leaders use agile methodologies to ensure fast, high-quality software delivery.

When it comes to mobile app development outsourcing, Indian companies guarantees the fastest time for your product and gives business the unmatched advantage of speed to market.

Opportunity to Harness the Latest Technologies and Tools

Today, business verticals prefer to use the latest technologies for application development, so countries are looking for technology-focused developers to create applications at affordable prices. Hiring a developer in India makes all of this possible.

Developers working for various IT outsourcing companies in India are tech-savvy. Indian app developers are well-versed in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT, blockchain, big data, and more. They are experts in their field and have a deep and wide knowledge of the latest software development platforms, making Indian developers technologically advanced.          

Flexible Communication and Time Zones

Outsourcing your work to Indian app-developing companies gives businesses the dual advantage of remaining lean and organized. With the advantage of a dedicated development team to work around your time zone, projects can be completed in a much shorter time. Moreover, ranked as the second largest English-speaking country, businesses get an added advantage to communicating, managing, and driving project outcomes seamlessly and effortlessly. 

IT Friendly Policies

India is home to a thriving IT sector with a highly skilled workforce that can work at a fraction of the cost of western and other global competitors. The country also has a multitude of incentives in place to encourage and enable businesses and entrepreneurs to domicile themselves in the country, making it easier for foreign companies to set up offices there. All in all, then, India makes an excellent option for outsourcing your mobile app development.

Also, having your apps developed in India can help prevent data leaks, offer additional greater control over cybercrime, and provide undivided support for seamless project execution. 

Are You Choosing Mobile App Offshore outsourcing? Choose Clarion. Here’s Why:

Outsourcing mobile application development in India has many benefits. Still, the main ones are on-time delivery at competitive costs, guaranteed product development with access to best-in-class developers, and continuous updates of released applications, attracting several projects each month. Suppose you're considering building a compelling mobile app to meet your business needs. In that case, you can lean on Clarion, a dependable mobile app development company, to get access to India's top mobile app developers.

Our professionalism, domain expertise, the world-class talent of skilled developers across key technologies, and work ethics make us the preferred offshore software development partners for SMBs across American and European markets.


India makes a perfect offshore destination for mobile app development. Why? It can be summed up in three words: cost, location, and talent. Every business model has a sweet spot—where the costs are low but not too low, and the talent is high enough but not too high. India is just that place for mobile app development. Make sure you harness its merits for your business. Contact us if you want to discuss your mobile app development requirement and leverage our 2-week risk-free trial.


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