How to Achieve 90+ Google Page Speed Score for your eCommerce Website?

How to Achieve 90+ Google Page Speed Score for your eCommerce Website?

Do you know what does the top-ranking positions in Google have in common?

They have websites with high page speeds.

Yes, that is the wonder a fast-paced web page can do.

Every eCommerce website development is a result of a lot of laboring days and countless hours of edits.

We are sure you must have had the chance to witness this process at some time or the other.

Now imagine,

You built a website with innovation, ideas, and purpose.

It comes out beautiful and you launch it with high expectations.

And just when you were rejoicing with the happiness of the success of your seamless eCommerce website development, you saw a PROBLEM.

It is neither as fast as you expected nor as it needs to be!

Now, we all know how a slow webpage can kill the vibe and zeal of the users. Besides, it affects the conversion rate.


A slow website will lead people to bounce back faster and will leave them disappointed.


Well, eCommerce website development is arduous. Especially when the causes behind the problems can be many.


For example, it could be poorly written code, or huge images, other elements, etc.


If you are aware of the technologies, you might come up with a thing or two, to fix the problem.


But what if you are totally unaware and wondering how do I diagnose the issue and fix it?

Well, that’s what professionals and eCommerce website development companies like Clarion Technologies are here for!

Ecommerce Website DevelopmentWith our expertise and experience, we can help you achieve 90+ Google page speed for your website and save your eCommerce website development from getting dinged by Google.

We will come to this part later, but before let’s shine some light on facts and hard numbers.

Here is how the bounce rate goes with an increase in the webpage load time.

  • If a page takes,
  • 1 to 3 seconds to load, the possibility of the bounce rate increases by 32%
  • 1 to 5 seconds to load, the possibility of the bounce rate increases by 90%
  • If it takes about 6 seconds to load, the possibility of the bounce rate increases by 106%
  • For 10 seconds the bounce rate can go up to 123%
  • For a website with a number of elements that are around 400 to 6000 the conversion rate can drop to 95%
  • 53% of people will leave the page and not return if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Why is the page speed important?


Have you ever wondered why people strive to secure a spot on the first page of Google?


Because most of the visitors won’t take the effort to click on the second page. Hence the first 10 will generate the majority of the clicks. And eventually, enhancing the page speed will help you build a thriving organization and a website that offers conversion.


And aren’t we all here for big bucks and a glorious success for our organization?


Here are the ways that can help you achieve a 90+ google page speed score!


If you are in a bubble that it is easy to get a perfect page speed score that too overnight then let us burst that bubble for you!


It is not a cakewalk, it will demand and lot of legwork, the process will get tiresome. But if you are aiming to drive more conversions, achieve seamless eCommerce website development, and open the gates for greater revenues this is the way to do it.


How to achieve 90% google page speed for your website?


1. Aim for better First Contentful Paint (FCP)


FCP is nothing but the time measured between the user’s navigation and the first page of content for the web page. This score matter because it is directly related to ‘loading responsiveness’ and ‘perceived load speed’

Experts say a good First Contentful Paint score is essential to build top-notch UX and trust in the eyes of the users. Besides, if you wish to be deemed by Google for having a great UX then at least 75% of the users must have an FCP score of less than 1 second. 

According to the study, most of the bad URLs in the Google Search Console are a result of low FCP scores.          

One can measure FCP with the help of many tools such as, 

  • Pagespeed Insights
  • Lighthouse
  • GT Metrix
  • Chrome Dev Tools

So, what happens when you achieve better FCP?

  • It decreases the bounce rate
  • It can enhance the conversion rate by two folds
  • It helps you create a better brand impression and enhances reliability

2. Improve your First Input Delay

Recognized as the most exciting performance metric, First Input Delay is truly a real user metric that is measured in a millisecond. This metric can be described as a delay time between two actions. 

One, when you click on some link or button, and second, the time is taken by the browser to respond. 

So why is this important? Because it sets an impression of your web performance. Studies show that maximum blocking of the sites takes place in the initial moments of the page’s life cycle. FCP helps you address the problems with the loading of critical resources and makes your website clunk-free and responsive.

Why must you consider enhancing FID?

  • It positively influences your website ranking
  • It is one of the three metrics that Goggle wants to promote

If you ever feel your FID score is not good as it is supposed to be, then the problem may be that your JavaScript or CSS is not well optimized. This problem can be solved easily by your eCommerce Web development company. Hence, we encourage you to partner with an experienced and vetted organization.

3. Give importance to Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP is a core vital metric that calculates the time taken for the largest element to become visible. And the fun fact is it is comprised of 25% of the overall PageSpeed insight score. A good LCP score is 2.5 seconds and anything above that is an indication that you need to improve.

Tool to measure Largest Contentful paint,

  • Lighthouse
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Search Console
  • Chrome DevTools

 If you feel this is too much information to understand, then you can just opt for the experts and hire an eCommerce web development company.

Hire Expert Developers4. Cumulative Layout Shift 

Cumulative Layout Shift is one of the metrics that Goggle uses to analyze the performance of a web page. It mirrors the visual stability of the website. Also, it is highly relevant to new ranking factors and a better user experience. The CLS score is considered good when it is less than 0.1. 

How to get a good CLS score?

  • Mention the width and height size attributes
  • Preload and Optimize 
  • Take care of space and size for ad slots
  • Manage Dynamic Content

There are a lot of other ways to get a better CLS score. And the best way to get a maximum result is to leave it to the professionals.

5. Optimize Images

Images are enticing and they do make it easy to keep our visitors engaged. But they are also the reason behind the slow pages and low scores.

Hence one of the top techniques to resolve the image problem is to compress its size.

Google testers said, “Graphic images on our website such as logos, product images, etc make up to two-thirds of the page’s total weight. This obviously poses a huge threat to the page speed.”

Fortunately for us, we have a lot of options that make optimizing these images easy. A simple trick as switching PNG with JPEG image can lighten your webpage.


Also, there are different plug-ins for different sites. So, you can choose to form the comprehensive range at your convenience.

6. Use Browser Caching

If you are aiming for small effort and big impact, then Browser caching is your tool.

It keeps the track of previously loaded resources to avoid the constant reload of the same site every time.

This is how this works,

The logos, footers, etc are the same on all the pages. So, when a visitor goes from one page to another, it saves your website from loading similar elements again and again.

 And as a result, this will enhance the speed of your page.

If you are wondering how can you implement it then rest assured because there is also a plugin for it. All it takes is a little research.

7. Minify the HTML

In simple language, minifying HTML means eliminating or squeezing the duplicate or unwanted HTML data without influencing your actual HTML code.

It can be achieved by the practices like shortening the code, eliminating the unused code, formatting, and code fixing.

The best part is one does not need to be a coding genius to do this. A plugin is again at our rescue.

And if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are a lot of organizations that will help you get this.

So, go for it and get the instant impact.

8. AMP Implementation 

AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. And this is intentionally curated by Google to load the mobile pages faster.

This is one of the most loved techniques as it eliminates all the unnecessary content to make your mobile pages load instantly.


Clarions Take 


We have a team and you can hire eCommerce web developers that are well-versed and vetted. Yes, you can use a trick or two from the above-mentioned techniques. But few things run deeper.

What if you are aiming for an entirely new eCommerce web development and want a 90+ speed score?

Or What if you don’t want to risk it by taking things into your own hands?

That is what an eCommerce website development company is for. We have helped tons of businesses similar to yours to achieve a perfect speed score. check the success stories here.

So, what do we do to help you achieve a 90+ score?

eCommerce website development solutions1. We stay diligent

Every site we built goes under thorough testing and checking at every step of the development. So, whenever we add a new code or make some change we ensure it doesn’t affect the speed and if it does we nip that problem in the bud.

  1. We are not afraid to eliminate unnecessary components

Features like Google ads, Google maps, and Google Analytics are an integral part of websites today. Unfortunately, they can also slow down and ruin the performance of your website.

Hence it is necessary to spot the extremely essential things and keep aside the ones that the websites can do without.

Being in the industry for so long has helped us gain an insight into the businesses. So, whenever we build a site and choose the functionalities we ask - If the feature is really essential?

  1. We know all the right plugins

Almost everyone knows the plug-ins available in the market. What makes the real difference is the knowledge to spot the right ones. Our expertise has enables us to recognize the plugins that will offer major benefits to your sites without spending much time or compromising on the quality. We ensure to use the plugins that are a powerhouse of awesome features.

Whether it is WordPress or Shopify or anything else, we help you gain,

  • Enhanced site speed and conversion rate
  • Better search engine ranking
  • Compressed images without any loss of quality



No doubt, one must strive to achieve a 90+ google page speed score. But it is in vain to obsess over getting a 100/100. Being a business owner is not worth your time. It may take your attention away from tasks that could prove more beneficial.


Hence, we suggest you find an eCommerce website development company with proven expertise to help you do this for you. They will help you achieve your business goals and also enhance your site performance.


Ask away if you have any queries!