How Can Enterprises Leverage Virtual Developers?

How Can Enterprises Leverage Virtual Developers?

How do enterprises cope with the pressure and grow in this competitive world? A way forward is to transform traditional culture to suit the needs of the modern digital world. The emergence of virtual employees has provided a solution to big and small & medium businesses (SMBs). It seemed impossible a decade ago to hire virtual software developers from different parts of the world.

SMBs need the right people who can deliver high quality at affordable prices. About 67% of respondents favored remote work for its flexibility in working time and working from any location, as per a study by Statista in 2022. Outsourcing an offshore development team can be a monumental task for SMBs. That is where all the gimmicks of the game unfold. As an SMB, hiring developers from an expert company offering flexibility in technology change may help.

It’s unlikely for an SMB to build a dedicated virtual development team with unlimited power in their hands. Clarion has experience working with SMBs for 19 years and has successfully helped clients outsource offshore software development teams.

What's the Jackpot?

How Do Virtual Employees Help Enterprises to Outsource Software Development?

1. Hiring Virtual Employees

Around the world, virtual employees work like freelancers. They are not exclusive to their client’s project even after hiring them. Clarion’s basic idea of helping clients outsource virtual employees is different. Our client hires remote software developers from us, except they are on Clarions payroll. We ensure total commitment to our client’s projects. They become a part of the client’s DNA, are dedicated to the client, and work for 40hrs/week.

What Do We Include in Our Virtual Development Team?

  • A full-time programmer - to write the best codes
  • A part-time supervisor - to clear roadblocks, check the quality, and productivity of the programmers
  • A quality auditor - we guarantee no one can give the same level of quality at the price we offer.
  • Scale up or down as per need.

2. Hire the Top 5% of Talent

IT outsourcing companies may have a talent pool; some may even be top-tier companies. But getting more attention from a firm where business matters more is better. Our interviewers are experts in BEI or A method of hiring. We attract the top experienced talent who can provide excellent value.

3. We are Committed to Serving SMBs

We focus on SMBs, which is our target market. Very few companies focus on this market segment. All customers are important to us. Small companies risk getting sidelined if they seek services from a firm with big companies as their clients. We have mastered the art of software development for SMBs.

4. Following an Evolved Quality Matrix

We have Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 3 certification. It means that we incorporate the best components of individual disciplines. It also focuses on delivering improved quality services and solutions. We have perfected a high level of maturity in providing quality services to clients. We guarantee that if you find any bug, we will fix it for you at no charge on the same weekend.

5. Transparency is the Pillar of Our Virtual Employees

Everything done by developers is transparent, with daily reflection and daily timesheets. Managers can engage with teams, gain insight, and maintain informed decisions with transparency. Making sure everyone knows impending changes help build the team's adaptability.

6. Get Access to All Our Resources

Get access to all our resources even if you hire one developer. It would be best to have a partner with bench strength to cover for unexpected absences so that your team never misses a deadline. There’s no reason to accept days of downtime if a team member is absent.

7. We Become Your Partner

We don't just focus on your project need, but we also solve your challenges. Our team helps you build technology and infrastructure to beat your competition. Some of our clients are more than five years old. We provide all kinds of help in software development. Here’s what one of our clients thinks about us -

“Team goes out of the way to help improve user experience and to identify our development concerns. They are competent and have a consistent above and beyond approach with the project.”

- CEO (Medical Group)

8. We are Industry Agnostic

Being industry agnostic means, we offer cross-functional value. We can provide any solution without restriction. The entire planning and strategizing process focus on the needs and requirements of the consumer. Industry-specific solutions may be more costly as there is much customization. On the other hand, a holistic solution does not cost that much and can be a wise choice.

9. Our Clients Love Our Work

We have clients who have been working with us for more than three years, and there are about 93% of these active clients. We have more than 1500+ satisfied customers, partnerships, and certifications from standard authorities. This helps us strengthen our credibility, and it makes us very reliable to our clients.

Check out this link for some success stories from our clients.

Final Thoughts:

Build your offshore virtual development team with us and work with our talented software programmers. Keep in mind that outsourcing talent can close the gap between your vision and a successful attempt to make it happen. We offer a two-week risk-free trial. For further information, get in touch with us or email us at


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