About The Webinar

Introducing Microsoft Power Apps, the game-changer that tackles your pain points head-on. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional methods and embrace the power of low-code platforms! Whether you're an experienced user of low-code media or new to this technology, Power Apps is the perfect platform for anyone looking to automate their business processes.

About the Speaker:

Amit Hiremath, CTO at Clarion Technologies, is the esteemed speaker for this event on app development. With over two decades of entrepreneurial management experience, a technology-led business perspective, and a practical problem-solving attitude, Amit empowers businesses with valuable insights to leverage app development for business growth. 

Register and watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Microsoft Power Apps can help your business develop and deploy applications quickly.

This on-demand webinar will enable you to learn the following: 

  1. Low-Code/No-Code Platforms and Their Benefits
  2. Understanding Power Apps as a Business Tool
  3. AI-based Functionalities of Power Apps
  4. Power Apps Business Applications
  5. Power Apps Integration Capabilities
  6. Practical Demo: Excel to Blueprint App  


Duration: 1 Hour