Did you know, recently Google witnessed 10% month over month growth in Flutter? Despite being a recently developed platform, Flutter is becoming everyone’s favorite. Not just mid-scaled but even HUGE TECH GIANTS have and are making it big with Flutter.

But before that, let's revise what Flutter actually is!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is nothing but an open-source UI software development kit that is created by Google. Previously it was known as codename ‘Sky’.

Here is the list of those big yet familiar names,

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is not new to us. This famous online advertising platform, built with Flutter, is breaking all the records of growth. In 2019 its revenue amounted to a whopping 134.81 billion UD dollars. All thanks to Flutter!

2. Alibaba

A big name and evidence of humongous success, Alibaba is built with Flutter technology. Sources say that developers use this technology for its smooth UI features, its ability to boost big-sized e-commerce transactions, and a lot more.

3. The New-York times

The New-York Times and KenKen puzzle needs no introduction. Flutter has made this app extremely enjoyable for its Android, Mac, iOS users. Yes, the concept itself is addictive, but use experience added a lot to its success.

4. Google Assistance

Since Flutter and Google assistance comes from the same family there is a lot of synchronization between them. Research also shows that Google assistance dominate Siri and Alexa in terms of capabilities. Wow!

Experts Say:

Flutter is fully compatible to tackle future market challenges. Its competency and functionality bridge the gap between your business and customers by making your flutter application smooth and user-friendly. It is believed that Flutter might acquire most of the mobile application market by 2024.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to be one of those organizations?