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Top Web Development Trends

Top Web Development Trends

Web development trends change often. It can be attributed to the fast-changing user preferences, updates in technology, and revised search engine algorithms.

To continue in business, and to achieve a reasonable market share, it is crucial for all the developers to adapt to the emerging trends in web development.

So, here’s a sneak peek into the latest in web development.Web Development Trends

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Everyone wants faster web access. So, Google is also giving better search rankings to faster web pages.

Businesses use their web pages for reaching out to the target customers, engage them, and convert. Slow pages get lower rankings in Google search results. Thus, despite having the best design and up-to-date content, the websites are not able to achieve search engine visibility.    

The AMP trend has made it more important for the developers to use this framework for development. As the need for speedy web access continues to grow, AMP will become more and more critical for the developers to adopt. 

2. Progressive Web Apps

To survive in a highly competitive market, one has to be progressive! Same holds for web applications.

You want to engage more and more users with your web app. But, can you sell a web app which expects the user to change his device?  No, you must design web apps that can adjust to the user’s resources. 

Progressive web apps are those that are capable of adapting to different types of browsers, screen sizes, and devices. Ideally, these apps also must be capable of working offline to reduce dependence on internet connectivity.

Here is a comparison between Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Progressive web apps.

3. Single Page Websites

User experience is crucial for good user engagement on your website. Users have limited time, and you have to achieve a conversion in this short duration.

It is believed that the attention spans of people are reducing. You cannot expect the user to keep looking for the required information by browsing different areas of your website or application. The users don’t like clicking and exploring; they need everything to be available instantly.    

Web developers are thus gradually moving towards single page websites. These sites have all relevant information on a single page. And they provide a better mobile experience.

Single page websites are faster and achieve higher page authority. After the diversity update rolled out by Google in June 2019, the search results anyway do not show many pages from the same domain. So, even from the SEO perspective, single page websites are better.   

4. Blockchain

Fintech caters to one of the areas vital to all the industries, i.e., finance. Blockchain, one of the most popular among fintech technology in 2019, is gathering momentum. As the demand is going high, you can expect many more blockchain-based web applications.

So, why are the users so warmly welcoming blockchain apps? The reason is simple and obvious; blockchain offers hassle-free and secured transacting. The transacting parties can trust the network for real-time data verification and validation.

Blockchain applications are growing in numbers and quality. The trend of blockchain applications is all set to grow. Are you prepared to meet the competition and build the best blockchain applications?

5. Voice Search Integration

Voice search is the future of internet search worldwide. So, the app developers must get hands-on experience of developing apps with voice recognition capabilities.

Integrating artificial intelligence has reinforced the voice search quality. Machine learning makes your application smarter and more responsive to customer needs. It gets better with time.

No wonder, voice search using AI and machine learning will be a part of almost all web app solutions. It is inevitable when you need solutions that can understand user behavior. Personalized user interactions are also possible with machine learning and AI technologies.

6. Motion User Interface

All of us understand the significance of visuals and videos in user engagement. Similarly, interactive web design, dynamic graphics, and animation are a great way to attract users and keep them engaged.

Motion user interface library facilitates integrating transition effects for the user interface. Animated content increases the user’s attention span. Video and animation also boost search engine optimization.

So, as developers, you must start leveraging motion UI to build the best solutions for your customers.


The current web development trends are expected to change in the next six months. But, some will continue to grow and rank in the list of top web development trends in 2020.

I have listed out the prominent web development trends that are expected to continue.

Developers cannot undermine the importance of following the latest trends. They have to deliver to the market demands persistently, no matter it requires them to adopt new technologies and upgrade their skills.

At times, developers have to start from scratch, unlearn, and learn more!

Doubts apart, the top web developers know how to make the best out of the emerging trends. And we will continue to do so!


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