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Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development

Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development

“First impression is the last impression,” this is true of humans and equally true for websites.

Stanford University researchers found that when people say they trust a website, they focus on superficial aspects such as design elements instead of content. For example, 46.1% of consumers rated the credibility of sites based on their visual appeal, including layout, typography, font size, and color schemes.

The reason is that more than making simple websites and apps are needed. Instead, to draw in, connect with, engage, and convert users, you need dynamic, elegant user interfaces. That’s where AngularJS plays a key role. It suffices to build an entire website. AngularJS helps build super-fast, dynamic web apps on top of JavaScript and Typescript.

As per GitHub, AngularJS is used by over 2 million developers worldwide. AngularJS stands in second place for being the most in-demand front-end development framework after React—moreover, 7000+ companies, including Google, Amazon, and Udemy. Sites like PayPal, Udemy, Snapchat, and Amazon are built on AngularJS.

There’s a reason it’s most preferred; let us explore these and look at some of the top AngularJS frameworks you can use in your projects.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a front-end JavaScript framework that converts static HTML into a dynamic one. Developed in 2016, Google maintains the AngularJS framework. Its primary aim is to help with single-page applications. AngularJS is a complete package of controllers, models, views, and services that helps to simplify the complex process of creating and deploying interactive and highly functional web applications. It makes it easier for developers to focus on what’s essential and automatically handle all the secondary processes.

Since it includes all the interactive elements needed on a website, most developers prefer it for web development. Also, many front-end developers prefer AngularJS, built on HTML and JavaScript. Thereby, there is no need to learn other languages or syntax.

Another key reason for its increased popularity is the development support from Google, as it spares no chance to improve this framework. Since its launch, Google has added several features that have made it powerful today.

Now that we know why AngularJS is suitable for web development let’s jump to the top AngularJS frameworks.

Top AngularJS Frameworks for Web App Development:

#1. Ionic Angular

Ionic AngularJS is an Angular framework that functions like Ionic. Apps built with this framework work on any device or browser, including iOS, Android, and PWAs. It comes with over 100+ AngularJS Components for blazing-fast mobile and desktop apps.

Key features:

  • Combines core Ionic UI components, gestures, and animations with APIs and tools tailored for AngularJS developers
  • It’s enterprise-ready with tons of integration, expert support, and tools for mission-critical enterprise projects. It also includes features like secured identity, encrypted offline storage, etc. 

#2. Angular UI Bootstrap

What to do when you want to use Bootstrap on the project but can’t access JS libraries? Use AngularJS Bootstrap. AngularJS does not work well with Bootstrap due to jQuery. And hence, AngularJS Bootstrap fills this void. Popular components are Bootstrap Modal, Accordion, date picker, and dropdown.

Key features:

  • It provides directives like a carousel, buttons, time picker, drop-down, etc.
  • On the downside, AngularJS Bootstrap has a large app size. 

#3. AngularJS Material

Based on Google’s material design, AngularJS material is a UI component framework such as Datepickers, Inputs, Data tables, and cards. It provides many reusable, tested UI components based on material design. Its primary aim is to create a unified and elegant user experience across mobile, web, and desktop devices.

Key features:

  • Straightforward APIs with consistent cross-platform behavior.
  • Internationalized and accessible components for everyone. A well-tested system to ensure quality and reliability. 

#4. PrimeNG


PrimeNG provides support for responsive design led by touch-optimized elements. Thanks to its declarative UI style, it is much easier to develop the front end for complex apps. The framework lets you add components like menus, form inputs, and charts to the front, and most components are open-source and covered under an MIT license. Top brands like Airbus, eBay, Mercedes, Intel, and Nvidia use PrimeNG for their apps and sites.

Key features:

  • A collection of over 80 AngularJS UI Components to help you go from conception to completion.
  • Quickly build stunning applications with 400+ UI blocks
  • Easily customize professional application templates to get started quickly.

#5. NG Zorro


Zorro is an enterprise Angular UI component library based on Ant Design. It's an open-source library. As per their site, Alibaba uses the NG Zorro library, which seems more popular in China. As compared to Angular Material, NG-ZORRO provides more box components.

Key features:

  • 60+ high-quality out- of- the- box components
  • Typescript with complete types defined
  • Supports OnPush mode and high performance
  • Internationalization support for dozens of languages 

6 Reasons Why AngularJS Good for Web App Development

  1. Quick Project Setup with Inbuilt Command-line Interface (CLI)

Angular’s Inbuilt Command-line interface makes projects easy to start. With just one command, “ng new,” you can forgo the setup process and create a new project instantly.

  1. Gives More Control Over App Behavior with Model View Whatever (MVW)

This gives a choice between Model View Controller and Model-View-Whatever-Model. This way, AngularJS gives developers more control over the structure code in a way they prefer. Scaling, reusability, and easier maintenance are other benefits of this feature.

  1. Saves Time and Effort with Two-Way Data Model Binding

Two-way data binding makes the view layer of architecture the same as the model layer. So, every time the code is updated in the view layer, it will be visible in the model layer to remain in sync. Result - it saves developers time by not needing to code the connection every time changes are made.

  1. Effortless Testing with Dependency Injections

Dependency injection helps develop a decoupled architecture, making testing the AngularJS apps easy. The dependency injection work is to see how app components are generated.

To understand this, let’s take the example of payment providers. The majority of payment providers have more than one option.

How will the application know which payment option the user will use at runtime? Sure, you can hard code the options, but that won’t be easy to manage as the numbers grow. So here, adding a dependency injection comes in handy. DI will control the components per the user’s requests, making it easy to manage the options.

  1. Instantly Enhances Your HTML with Directives

AngularJS has in-built attributes called directives. These built-in directives let you manage forms, lists, styles, and what users see in the view. These are used to enhance the HTML to prepare it for dynamic client-side applications. One of the most prominent directives is ng-app which initializes the app, and another is ng-in it, which initializes the data.

  1. Supported by Google

Google team supports AngularJS and regularly adds improvements. Being backed by Google is one of the main reasons that AngularJS is a credible framework in the eyes of developments. A large community of AngularJS developers is ready to help you whenever you are stuck.

  1. Easy to Learn

AngularJS is easy to learn. People with a basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can learn how to use AngularJS. Many online resources are available to learn how to build a web application using AngularJS. Once developers become well-versed in AngularJS, developing web applications takes less time.

Which AngularJS Framework Is the Best for You?

With its simplicity and robust features, Angular JS is preferred for building dynamic web apps. Since the framework is full stack, developers don't need to depend on third-party apps or plugins to build apps.

This saves both time and resources, as third-party plugins can often add complexity to projects. When choosing which AngularJS framework is good for you, it is better to be guided by your requirements.

Each AngularJS framework has distinct features. So, the framework you will want to use for web development can change according to your project requirements.

For example, UI Bootstrap is the best framework for using Bootstrap in an Angular project. 

Why Should You Hire AngularJS Developers?

Suppose you want to simplify your testing process and web development and boost your sales and brand recognition. In that case, it is essential that you hire a skilled and experienced AngularJS developer.

This is where Clarion Technologies can help you. With over 21+ years of experience and 1500+ satisfied customers, you can lean on us as your trusted web development partner. We bring vetted and highly skilled AngularJS developers that are handpicked through an intensive recruitment model. So, whether you want to develop a new web application from scratch or revamp an existing one, we can help you in all aspects of your development cycle. Therefore, forgo your worries and reach out to Clarion Technologies.

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