What's New in .NET 7? New Features and Updates

What's New in .NET 7? New Features and Updates

Many organizations have seen considerable success with Microsoft .NET development. The platform allows businesses to create any website or application and continues to be the top option due to its reliability, cross-platform interoperability, and resilience.

 Every Microsoft product has a life cycle that starts with its release and ends when it is no longer maintained. Therefore, it is crucial to know the release date because it enables businesses to plan when to upgrade their software and make any required adjustments. In addition, Microsoft publishes its significant .NET developers release every November, allowing developers to design their roadmap accordingly. This year .NET 7 features brings your app increased performance for C# 11/F# 7, .NET MAUI, ASP.NET Core/Blazor, Web APIs, WinForms, WPF, and more.


.NET 7 New Features and Updates:


.NET Release Modulation

The .NET open-source community has made tremendous efforts, shaping this .NET 7 release. Did you know that more than 8900 people made over 28k contributions to the .NET 7 release? With a vast ecosystem, of .NET release offering more than 330,000 packages, .NET development continues to be one of the fastest, most popular, and most reliable platforms.


If you're using a .NET Core version, .NET 7 offers a simple transition, and if you're currently maintaining a .NET Framework version, there are several compelling reasons to migrate from .NET Framework To .NET Core. 

.NET 7 release synchronizes with those of a host of other platforms, tools, and products, such as: 

  • NET Core 7
  • Entity Framework Core 7
  • Windows Forms
  • WPF
  • Orleans 7


  • One BCL
  • New TFMs
  • Native support for ARM64
  • Enhanced .Net support on Linux


  • Continued performance improvements
  • Developer productivity enhancements, like container-first workflows
  • Build cross-platform mobile and desktop apps from the same codebase

.NET for Cloud-native Apps 

.NET 7 enables the creation of cloud-native applications right out of the box. Use Visual Studio's linked services to connect securely to a data service and safely encrypt your connection strings in a secret user file or Azure Key Vault. 


.NET 7 is used to create strongly typed Language Integrated Query (LINQ) queries that quickly extract content from JSON documents stored in your relational database by utilizing SQL Server's JSON capability. The Minimal APIs experience allows you to send safe JSON documents through authenticated endpoints with almost no code. Additionally, use Open Telemetry to learn more about your running application. 


Built-in Container Support 

Containers are becoming more common, and for many businesses, they are an effective mechanism for cloud deployment. However, working with containers adds new tasks to a team's to-do list, such as creating and publishing images, ensuring security and compliance, and improving image speed. Using .NET containers, you can create a better, more efficient experience.


Now, you need DotNet Publish to construct containerized versions of your applications. This solution integrates with existing build logic, taking advantage of our powerful C# tooling and runtime performance to build directly into the .NET SDK for regular updates.


Native AOT for Lighter and Faster Apps  

Latest updates of .NET 7 bring the experimental Native AOT (Ahead-of-time) as the main focus of Microsoft's development. Native AOT is characterized by what its name indicates and generates code at compile time but in Native. The most significant advantage is performance improvement, mainly in the start-up time, memory usage, disk size, and access to restricted platforms.  


One Base Class Library (BCL) - Use a single codebase across several platforms. With .NET 7 features, you can build various apps using a single SDK, one Runtime, and a single set of core libraries such as Cloud, Web, Desktop, Mobile, Gaming, IoT, and AI. 


Enhanced .NET support on Linux - .NET 7 release is compatible with the following architectures on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 8 in terms of OS: 

  • AMD x64
  • Intel x64
  • ARM (aarch64)
  • IBM Z
  • LinuxONE (s390x)

Continued performance improvements include: 

  • Developer productivity enhancements like container-first workflows
  • Build cross-platform mobile and desktop apps from the same codebase
  • Create cloud-native apps with .NET for easy-to-build and deploy distributed cloud-native apps and HTTP/3 and minimal APIs improvements for cloud-native apps
  • Simplify and write less code with C# 11


Move to .NET 7 Now

With its emphasis on improving fundamentals like performance, functionality, and usability, .NET 7 version is a substantial update that will enhance the quality of life for your developers. These new features and upgrades will make your use of the .NET development platform even more rewarding.


Microsoft technology has had a significant impact and is the foundation of many successful multinational enterprises. They use them because they provide a solid and high level of dependability while creating web apps.


All versions with even numbers are covered by long-term support (LTS), while versions with odd numbers cover by standard-term-support (STS), which lasts for roughly 18 months. It is an STS release because .NET 7 has an odd version number. Therefore, you should only upgrade if you intend to update your code once more when .NET 8 releases in around a year.


The main goal of the .NET version is to give developers top-notch tools for upgrading legacy programs and robust support for cloud-native scenarios. In addition, performance for ASP.NET Core developers has improved significantly with upgrade to .NET 7. Contact our Microsoft .NET 7 development team to learn about the newest additions and how to use them. If you are looking to hire .NET developers based on your project requirement. Get started with our 2-week free trial.


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