How Can Full-Stack Developers Help SMBs and Startups?

How Can Full-Stack Developers Help SMBs and Startups?

For Startups and SMBs getting started, it can be challenging to determine what systems your business will require. Developing your website or application's backend, front-end, and database sounds like much work – and it is.

Likewise, to remain competitive, companies must recognize the need to establish a robust online presence to maintain their growth prospects. As businesses realize the importance of having strong development teams to meet their technology and competitive imperatives at cost-effective price points, the demand for full-stack developers is rising. They prove to be an excellent way to get all those tasks off your plate so you can stay focused on what matters: running your company.

Recent data published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the number of jobs available for full-stack professionals will increase from 135,000 to over 853,000 by 2024.

But why?

Let’s find out.

Who Are Full-Stack Developers?

We can consider a full-stack developer to be like a chef who is good at preparing the entire meal and well-versed in cooking various cuisines rather than a few recipes. Similarly, the full-stack developer has a wide range of skills and working knowledge of software development, ranging from backend development to front-end and mobile app development.

Full-stack developers usually spend many years working in a variety of different roles. As a result, they are well-versed in business logic and user experience and can guide and consult on strategy.

Full-stack developers are a “one-man” army that handles both sides. Apart from the development, you can often see them in desktop, mobile, and software applications. 

How can Startups and SMBs Harness the Strengths of Full-Stack Developers?

As per the research undertaken by U.S. Bank and cited in the SCORE/Counselors to America’s Small Business, most small businesses fail due to cash flow problems.

This means small businesses and funded startups often need a higher budget to hire an entire team for development. Instead, they need a one-person army who can take up various tasks, and that’s where full-stack developers out-compete software engineers.

So, here is why startups and small businesses can opt to hire full-stack developers to undertake critical tasks:

  1. Handle web development requirements
  2. Program as well as design
  3. Communicate and manage with other team members
  4. Troubleshoot any development issues
  5. Test apps and create reports.
  6. Staying abreast with new technologies to improve customer experience.

How Does Full-Stack Developer Compare with Other Roles?

  Full-Stack Developers Software Engineers UX designer Product Manager
Specializations In web applications and web technologies. A native application has to be installed. The focus is on ensuring that the user experience is good. Most product designers focus on what they should include and how it works.
Technical Know-How Good understanding of front-end and back-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with some experience in back-end techs like Ruby, PHP, Python, or Java Software engineers who are also proficient in many languages. However, the emphasis is on C++, Java, and C#, with an extensive understanding of databases, data structure, optimization strategies, and architecture.

User psychology, wireframing, prototyping, user flows, etc.

Market research and tech skills based on projects.


If we look at it, each profile other than full-stack developer focuses only on specific areas. This means a product manager won't write code or do visual design, or a UX designer won't design the features.

A full-stack developer can easily take the lead in all project areas, including design and coding. This is one of the core reasons full-stack developers thrive in startups or small businesses, as these businesses cannot afford specialists.

Why Do Full-Stack Developers Make a Perfect Choice for Startups and SMBs?

 1. A full-stack Developer Takes Accountability for Entire Project

Accountability is a critical skill in the workplace. This is especially true in startups, and SME ecosystem resources are often limited. Accountability is all about getting things done as they are expected. And this is where full-stack developers excel!

Unlike software developers, full-stack developers take ownership of the project from start to finish to ensure everything is in place as expected. This way, you get quality results.

2. Release Market-Ready Products at Rapid Pace

In the 21st century, time is money! So, the faster you can get to the market, the quicker you can validate your ideas and earn a profit.

A full-stack developer can quickly create a minimum viable product with their knowledge of all areas, including front-end, backend, and DevOps, and help you launch your product in the market.

An added advantage is that, since they understand the entire development cycle, they can troubleshoot errors in any part of the app, thus leading to faster resolution and speed to market.

3. Maximum Skills Within Budget

For a small business or startup, the requirement of highly specialized software developed by experts is occasional.

Most of your development needs involve creating a fantastic website and other web-related tasks. In such cases, hiring full-stack Developers is very effective as they can fulfill the role of both front end and back end, thus saving you money.

4. Knowledge in Multiple Areas and Technologies

Since the web industry moves at a rapid pace, full-stack developers often have an edge as they continually keep up with new emerging technologies. As a result, they are Jack of all trades, which translates into an advantage for business owners to ride on emerging technologies and trends.

5. Responsiveness, Scalability, and Flexibility

One person must manage multiple tasks in startups and small and medium businesses. And this is where full-stack developers flourish. Using their knowledge, they can quickly build an entire project from scratch without you going on a hiring spree to complete the development team.

Another essential thing is that startups pivot as per market trends, and since full-stack, Developers know various fields, they can quickly pivot with startups.

How Clarion Technologies are the Best Fit for Hiring Full-Stack Developers?

  1. A Talent Filter That Filters Out the Best

Clarion's unique hiring model allows us to filter out multi-talented and experienced full-stack Developers who can be a boon to your startup or small business within no time!

  1. Save Time, Money & Effort

With our unique hiring model, you will save substantial time in finding the right candidate as we do all the heavy lifting for you to get the right fit. You can instantly start working without wasting time, money, and effort scouting the right full-stack developer.

3. Ramp Up and Down as Required

Clarion Technologies' unique model allows you to ramp up and ramp down your resources whenever needed. This way, your startup or SMB can enjoy flexibility without wasting your help when they are not needed.

Wrapping Up:

Cost should be suitable for growing your business. Fortunately, full-stack Developers have opened up many opportunities for startups and SMBs to develop low-cost, efficient solutions.

Not only are full-stack developers cost-effective, but they also deliver high-quality solutions. In short, it serves as a one-stop solution to meet your business needs and save time & money while boosting efficiency.

To hire highly skilled full-stack Developers, lean on Clarion Technologies. We offer you a winning mix of the top talent of qualified full-stack developers and agile methodologies to manage your project seamlessly, bundled with quality and compliance assurance, so that you can accelerate your business to the next level. The best part is that your development work will be safe as we ensure you work with experts with a proven track record. So, what are you waiting for? Get jump-started with Clarion!


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