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Clarion Technologies Brings Home The Innovative App Developer Award By ComHQ

Clarion Technologies Brings Home The Innovative App Developer Award By ComHQ

At Clarion Technologies, we live for our love of coding.

Our clients tell us what they aspire to be and what they wish to achieve.

They tell us their problems, their goals, and their vision.

We chalk out solutions and then codify them.

It is as simple as that.

Our modus operandi is:

  • Looking at the problem from an unorthodox angle.
  • Finding the simplest, fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to fix that problem.
  • And then, using code to bring that solution to life.

It is our routine.

But in this everyday process, we break status quos along the way. And we tread on paths that few others would have dared to.

And ComHQ believes we deserve a pat on our back for relentlessly developing new and innovative solutions to old as well as emerging problems.

That’s why the most reputed online B2B directory ComHQ awarded us with their ‘Innovative App Developer Award’ for the year 2020-21.

And we are pleased to share the good news with our family.

Here’s what the official declaration by ComHQ read:

2020-21 has been an unprecedented year for each one of us. While the world came to a halt, the Digi-tech industry picked up the pace. Applications have always been a part of our lives. But the pandemic has made them even more vital for our sustenance. However, not all applications revolutionize the lives of their users. It is just the club of a few coveted apps that simplify lives. At ComHQ, we have always appreciated, acknowledged, and supported developers who are designing and developing apps that leave ripples in the ocean of app stores and user’s hearts.

Hire Mobile Application DevelopersAnd today, we would like to award one of the most innovative app developers of the year 2021-22, Clarion Technologies. Their bespoke solutions for their clients and a tireless will to create unique digital solutions are worth appreciating. Their models are worth being emulated by others in the industry. And their mission of simplifying tasks and leaving people with time to do what they love is worth being joined by many. We laud their innovative streak, dedication to delivering, and commitment to positive change. We wish and hope that they continue to set benchmarks in innovative app development in the future.

Innovation: Our Mantra Since The Beginning

ComHQ’s Innovative App Developer Award for the year 2020-21 came as a surprise to many in our team. We, after all, were just doing what we love - code.

But when we lifted our heads from our screens and saw the world around us, we realized that innovation is, in fact, a rare virtue. It comes naturally to us. But not everyone else.

It was a Eureka! the moment for us.

The smiles on the faces of our clients after we delivered their app has always been enough for us. And with ComHQ recognizing us, we solemnly vowed to keep that happening every time.

Back in the year 2000, when Swati Agarwal and Ankur Agarwal joined hands to build Clarion Technologies they just had one goal in mind - provide unmatched software solutions to progressive and deserving businesses.

Two decades down the line, we are still working on that simple principle.

Technology evolved, our team grew to 400+ employees, we wrote over 250 million lines of code, and served 1000+ clients from all over the world from our 3 development centers.

And along this journey, our innate urge to innovate, experiment, and enhance what’s available, kept driving us forward.

Mobile App development ServicesSucceeding, Celebrating, And Repeating History

We never ran after awards or mentions. But it has often happened that others in the industry noticed and appreciated us in different ways.

From contemporaries looking up to us, clients believing in us, and organizations awarding us, we have been well-loved.

Today, after we have another feather added to our cap, we would like to take a moment to stop and thank everyone involved.

We’d like to begin by thanking ComHQ for acknowledging us. Their words of endearment and encouragement have fueled us to reach further heights.

Then we have our team to thank. Each one of us has brought something valuable to the table. Our combined efforts have brought us where we are today. Every enthusiastic ‘yes’ to yet another update and every stern ‘no’ to anything less than perfect has borne sweet fruits.

We also have our client, nay, partners to thank. Working as an extension of their teams we have come to treat them as a family too. Their trust in us, their belief in our abilities, and their confidence in our methods have helped us achieve better than the best results.

Also, we cannot stop before we also thank our contemporaries in the industry. We operate in an environment where we have learned from the mistakes and achievements of others too. (We hope others have felt the same about us.) The healthy competition in our workspace has helped us strive harder to be innovative each day.

Each and everyone who has ever been a part of the Clarion Technologies family, take a bow. This is our collective win.

Moving Forward...

Innovation is not a destination. It is a journey; a way of life. Our partner’s happy and satisfied faces and appreciations like the one we received from ComHQ are not the ends. They are milestones in our constant pursuit of being better tomorrow than we are today.

Today, we are proud of the journey that is behind us and hopeful for what lies ahead.

We will keep doing what we have been doing, albeit with renewed vigor.

Here’s to a magnificent journey awaiting us.

Here’s to more innovative solutions.

And here’s to growing in more ways than one.