6 Reasons To Use Power BI As Business Intelligence Solution

6 Reasons To Use Power BI As Business Intelligence Solution

Transform your business with PowerBI. Tackle challenges in data analysis and automate reporting with interactive dashboards.

Every business market is unique, and it has its own complications and challenges. Their customers are diverse in nature with clearly defined budgets, plans, and goals. Hence, businesses adopt different selling & marketing methods to offers various services and products.

In any business, systems generate a wide variety of data in the size of terabytes, petabytes or in some cases exabytes. Businesses analyze the this data and create actionable information (decisions) and the entire process is called Business Intelligence (BI). It is quite evident that the company’s success relies on these decisions that derive from business intelligence.

BI is an ever-growing technology dominating all businesses across the world. BI services are very much successful in ensuring a personalized experience to the customers. BI Services are widely diversified, and businesses are leveraging the potential of this technology. One such technology is Power BI which helps to take complex business decisions. Hence, businesses hire PowerBi developers to implement AL/ML-driven data management solutions.

Why Power BI?

Power BI is a new cloud-based Business Intelligence service provided by Microsoft and derived from its years of experience in relational databases like Access, SQL server etc. It is a business intelligence platform that allows businesses to clean and completely transform data into meaningful data. It thoroughly analyzes data and shares powerful insights.

Microsoft is positioned 1st in the leaders’ quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms 2023 edition which makes it the top player in the market. As per the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Power BI is considered as a go-to platform based on its vision of completeness and ability to execute BI solutions.


Hire Power BI ConsultantsTop 6 Reasons Why Power BI is Best BI Platform Currently in the market:

#1. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams:

PowerBI has a huge advantage, where it makes use of Microsoft's Office 365 suite. This suit has daily use applications like Sharepoint and Teams, which are reularly used by businesses. PowerBI primarily helps SMBs and Enterprises to analyze data. Hence, with Microsoft office suit, it offers workflow development and streamlining, improves access and data insights capabilities by collecting all the data in 1 place without using too many sheets. 

Microsoft marketplace is where Microsoft also promotes other products. Its like a centralized platform, which businesses can use to showcase PowerBI's capabilities and their projects to clients.

#2. Alignment with Azure Synapse:

PowerBI has gained huge benefits from its collaboration with the great Azure as it offers Synapse. It has sharpened its capabilities in terms of data integration, management, and analysis. 

#3. Power Apps and Power Automate Integration:

Businesses can use Power Apps and Power Automate to automate tasks. It can be used to develop custom solutions and glean meaningful insights from PowerBI. It helps businesses to simplify complex data management and improve efficiency.

#4. Flexible Pricing Model and Deployment:

Businesses can choose between on-premises or cloud-based solutions. They can opt for any pricing model and deployment options based on their requirements. It helps organizations to adapt their own analytics infrastructure and scale, which helps them in cost saving.

#5. Community Support:

Microsoft has a huge community, where there are active forums and groups with users, experts and developer. There is also a wealth of online resources available. This community's support is important for getting insights, figuring out best practices, support, and also help resolve challenges.

#6. Security Compliance:

With data encryption, compliance certification (GDPR, HIFAA), and access control features, businesses can focus on security and compliance. Businesses can ensure protection to sensitive data and also meet compliance requirements.  

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Use cases of PowerBI from Our Success Stories:

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Client #1: Banking Industry:

  • Pain-points - Managing Service Desk incident data with limited storage, high loading time, and report complexity.
  • Clarion's Solution: Helped client with data analysis and data processing using PowerBI, implemented simple interactive reports, and improved user experience. Improve Transaction processing system (TPS) reporting, which enabled easy monitoring and operational efficiency.

Client #2: Pharmaceutical Company:

  • Pain-Points: Needed to remove manual Excel reports that were used to match 835 reconciliation. They wanted real-time data insights and updates in reporting.
  • Clarion's Solution: Automated reporting with PowerBI. Saved time spent in 2-3 working days and offered 25% more opportunities of cost-saving. Implemented AI/ML reporting, reducing errors, data analysis, and decision making.

Client #3: Intellectual Property Firm:

  • Pain-Points: Needed Data integration from across various systems into one place.
  • Clarion's Solution: We helped in data integration using PowerBI. Offered other interactive trends like performance and revenue. Enhanced data audit system and report sharing. This saved monthly time spent by 4 hours.


There are many more competitors of Power BI, which offer similar features, like ZOHO Reports, IBM Watson Analytics, Sisense, Google Analytics to name a few. But Power BI stands tall in the market, mainly based on the easy of use and prompt Microsoft Help available for the tool.

Clarion has been working with our clients to formulate seamless BI solutions based on Power-BI and Cloud Analytics among a few. In case you are in doubt on the right BI tool for your organization and are looking for an implementation partner, feel free to reach out to us at info@clariontech.com .


Vishal Pawashe, an adept Power BI Practice Lead, elevates organizations with strategic leadership in data visualization, translating data into actionable insights. With a proven track record, he excels in leveraging Power BI for informed decision-making, showcasing expertise in Microsoft Power Automate, POC, Presales, Marketing Strategy, Resource Management, Webinars, AI, Python, VBA Programming, Chatbot Development, Excel, Practice Management, ChatGPT, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Tableau, Microsoft SQL Server, and Birst.

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