At vEmployee, the founders have understood and valued the importance of Usability from the start of the Internet boom and developed the team of experts.

If your user is not able to do a desired action on your application or web site in the least amount of steps, he is out and there is nothing you can do to bring him back. On top of that, if Usability of your mobile application is bad, expect negative reviews and bad ratings.

At Clarion, the founders have understood and valued the importance of Usability from the start of the Internet boom (yeah, we practiced Usability way back as the year 2000!).

We are BIG fans of Steve Krug & Jakob Nielsen and in fact our Usability Testing model is based on their book "Rocket Surgery Made Easy". Our Usability Testing service covers any type of web, desktop or mobile application. Reach out to us with your need and will be happy to talk Usability! It's our fav topic :)

“ Having tried many other off-site developers, I can say with conviction that hands down Clarion developers are a quality lot and helped us take our application to the next level. They are leaps and bounds ahead.”

Tim Smith

Tim Smith, CIO Golden Communications

Meet Some of Our Developers


Neeraj – The Salesforce Surfer 

Neeraj has a total experience of over 12 years in the IT industry. He has played a pivotal role in many Salesforce development, Administration and Integration projects. Neeraj’s ability to think of the big picture and adaptability are sure to take him to great heights in his career.


Key projects he has been part of

  • Developed applications for Retail, Automobile components, Loan applications process and document management
  • Developed a CRM application for new businesses
  • Worked on a Learning management tool for prisoners to manage their mentoring sessions and behavioural data


Something special about Neeraj

He enjoys long drives and recently achieved the feat of undertaking a 1600 Km journey.


Arathi – The Design Diva

Arathi has an experience of over 5 years in developing magical user interfaces and is a wizard in using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc. She is a wonderful team player and has delivered beautiful projects throughout her tenure.


Key projects he has been part of

  • Redesigned the entire UI for a mobile app used for tracking the work hours and progress of workers in sites by their employees
  • Revamped entire UX & UI for an age-old web interface used by the workers of the firm to manage multiple health insurance records and assigning doctors based on availability
  • Worked on refurbishing the UX & UI for a website which helps employees in taking medical packages and respective payments per year based on their selected packages


Something special about Arathi

She loves watching animation movies, interior designing, character designing and long bike rides.


Nishad – The Drupal Warrior

Nishad has an experience of over a decade. He has been a major contributor in many complex projects in his previous organizations as well. Nishad’s stronghold over technologies and reliability makes him an indispensable asset for his team and Clarion.


Key projects he has been part of

  • Developed Drupal Websites for various industries like Publishing, E-Commerce, Corporates, Blog etc.
  • Developed simple technical solutions for complex business requirement like Social Networking Applications
  • Deployed and setup the Applications on Acquia, Pantheon, Azure service providers


Something special about Nishad

He is a music lover who loves to sing Ghazals.

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