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10 Top Fintech Software Development Companies 2022

10 Top Fintech Software Development Companies 2022

Are you seeking the best financial app developing services? We have compiled a list of the most reputable fintech app developers in the financial business. There are many fintech applications emerging in the market. The innovations range from peer-to-peer sharing apps to mobile banking apps to stock market trading apps. While professional wallet app developers can assist you in developing wallet apps such as Paypal and GooglePay, app developers can assist you in bringing the comfort of mobile banking to all smartphone users.

As per a study by Business Insider Intelligence, 89% of consumers use mobile banking and 97% of Millennials prefer it. Various financial institutions and banks are gradually adopting mobile engagement for financial services. The importance of mobile banking is improving lives. Let us check fintech app developers on this list who have enormous experience in fulfilling fintech software requirements of finance firms.

1. Clarion

Clarion Technologies provides IT services to small and medium businesses to build software products and solutions by assembling a world-class, devoted global team of Virtual Employees. With the support of our virtual teams, we have successfully executed projects for over 1100+ SMB clients over the previous 20+ years. These virtual employees have the exact skill sets, expertise, and dedication that you require from your developers.

With AI, machine learning, and big data, our financial software developers can improve and automate financial procedures. Our fintech software development professionals collaborate with other departments to learn about the company's needs and requirements so that the platform or software is a great fit. They assist with new financial and banking industry updates. Both in the interface and internal processes, they work on feedback and make improvements as needed.

Here is a case study – A client wanted to develop an Android application to enable users to apply as well track the loan applications.

Hourly rate - $25 - $50 / hr

Employees - 250 - 999

Founded - 2000

2. Praxent

They specialize in fintech software development and they realized that an intuitive, tailored, and completely seamless user experience is the key to increasing conversion rates, customer engagement, and product usage. Organizations need fintech software developers who customers' requirements first. A compelling financial user experience can help you acquire a significant competitive advantage and that’s what their developers do. The good news is that even little enhancements to your financial brand's experience can help it stand out.

Hourly rate - $50 - $100 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

Founded - 2000

3. Miquido

Miquido understands the needs of modern banking. They combine cutting-edge technology with years of experience in the area to deliver you the best banking solution available, whether you need a client-centered product or a solution to streamline your business processes. Create your own digital banking platform and revolutionize the way people bank. With their mobile banking development services, you can create user-focused products like digital wallets or mobile banking apps. Implement unique Machine Learning features and Data Science solutions to improve the usability of your product or enhance income with a long-term data-driven approach.

Hourly rate - $50 - $100 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

Founded - 2011

4. EffectiveSoft

When working with big data, the fintech business must adhere to complicated and stringent standards for software usability, sophisticated security, scalability, and efficient performance. EffectiveSoft works closely with a number of financial institutions and is familiar enough with the industry to prevent any potential mistakes. They construct secure and trustworthy IT ecosystems for financial organizations by providing financial software development services.

Hourly rate – unknown

Employees – 300

Founded - 2000


Inoxoft is a fintech software development company that helps businesses address automation problems, increase trading success, and digitize financial services. We assist individuals and businesses in making informed investments in the development of fintech software solutions.

Make the best fintech experience possible for millions of customers, large vendors, and investors. We give digital opportunities to introduce these breakthroughs into the Fintech business and help you become renowned as a provider of finance software development services.

Hourly rate - $50 - $100 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

Founded - 2014

6. Experion technologies

As in other sectors of business, the financial services industry is undergoing rapid development. Digitization has facilitated this transition greatly. Digital technology has made banking transactions as seamless and smooth as any other vertical. However, there are other sectors where such technology can have an impact, such as financial software systems. For businesses that handle financial transactions, the customer experience is critical, and Experion can deliver results that are faultless. With their extensive financial experience, you can trust them to transform your client journey.

Hourly rate - $26 - $50 / hr

Employees - 1,000 - 9,999

Founded - 2006

7. The Software House

The Software House's team has designed, built, and maintained systems for Seed A, B, and C firms, as well as those growing into new areas. They understand the commercial and technological challenges that fintech companies confront as they strive to reach millions of users.

Over 160 items with a competitive edge have been produced or improved in the last 9 years. Now, their financial software engineers want to assist you in your endeavors.

Hourly rate - $50 - $100 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

Founded - 2012

8. Appventurez

The banking and finance industry have grown dramatically as a result of technological advancements. With the rise of digitization in everyday transaction processes and payment systems, there is a growing requirement for strong security while maintaining the best possible user experience. Appventurez is effectively supplying banking institutions, financial organizations, and insurance businesses with banking and finance solutions to help enhance workflow. So, embrace their financial app development to breathe new life into your company.

Hourly rate - $26 - $50 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

Founded - 2018

9. Softjurn

With payments' ever-evolving innovation, Softjurn recognizes that keeping up with all customers diverts your attention and time. They specialize in developing innovative custom payment gateway solutions that outperform the competition.

Every industry has to pay its employees. They ensure that every facet of a transaction is handled correctly, from receiving consumer payments to allowing users to pay one other. Whatever your function is and how much assistance you require, they've got you covered. Their fintech developers can build any application you can think of, from unique solutions to integrating existing technology. Security will be unwavering throughout, and users will enjoy interacting to every system we develop for you.

Hourly rate - $50 - $100 / hr

Employees - 250 - 999

Founded - 2001

10. Sombra

Sombra has initiated financial projects in the previous years, some of which are long-term solutions. They give great attention to the value our customers obtain in our work. Their solid technical background and attention to detail enables them to create secure and user-friendly software. We all know that such features are essential for any Fintech firm nowadays.

They strive to satisfy your needs and give just the highest quality every day. Thier primary objectives are to increase your performance, secure your product, and, most importantly, save you money and time.

Hourly rate - $26 - $50 / hr

Employees - 50 - 249

Founded – 2013


When it comes to outsourcing financial app development to the top fintech app developers, business owners must consider a number of factors. Clarion's wants to assist searchers with the list of the best fintech mobile app development companies. We feel that every component of performance should be covered in order to find and present the top fintech software developers to our clients. Customers all over the world will benefit from the above-mentioned firms' consistent, appealing, and reliable app development services. The greatest financial app developers have the technological know-how to create cutting-edge applications that meet their clients' needs.

Know more about latest trends in banking and finance apps being used that can add value to your firms.

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