Demanding customers have forced companies to review the quality of product before the launch. The margin of error is less and product companies should not leave any stone unturned to ensure the quality which meets the expectation of customers. This trend has increased the cost of product development because you need to get quality ensured by a third party before the product launch. Our location and expertise enable us to ensure the quality of product at very affordable price.



This is probably the main reason why you visited our web site. At Clarion, we are masters at Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing and lot more.


At Clarion, we took the conscious decision to stick only to Selenium? Why - well, for one it's free so it’s cost effective for you. No longer you have to spend $$$$ on big name automation testing softwares


The numbers tell for themselves. As per a 2009 Akamai report, 40% of visitors to a retail or travel site will abandon the page and website if the page load time is more than 3 seconds.


More and more companies in the world have now started focusing on Usability as this can be the single most factor on why a user will not want to use your application or service


Software Testing Services for being on top of the problem even before it arises.


Clarion takes care of the application testing across different devices, their versions and responsiveness so that your mobile application works well.


"Clarion’s team brings both level of professionalism and skill that has satisfied us beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Clarion."

Jared Walton

Jared Walton, Director of Operations Xulon Press

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