Opportunity Portal for Revenue Enhancement Company

Client is a provider of on-demand hosted, application services with his core focus on Revenue Enhancement. Client is also a leading provider of advanced Pipeline Management and forecasting systems to large, channel-driven Sales Organizations.



  • Due to complex nature of applications it was necessary to make sure that all the calculations were accurate.
  • Due to cross territory behavior of Sales Reps and different levels of territory it is required to perform security testing so as to confirm that data is displaying for the respective VARs only by checking with different levels of users.
  • Since the numbers of VARs were increasing day by day and opportunity data was also increasing in the system which affected the system performance. It became critical to monitor the performance of the application before and after every release.


  • Understanding & preparing the Enhancement Specification documents for functionality received from development team.
  • Preparing list of tickets/bugs on Project management tool (TRAC) and share with development team that needs to be fixed on PROD server.
  • Executing all the test cases on Test application and logging all the bugs in Project management tool "TRAC" for easy monitoring of progress.
  • Regression Testing performed on application to make sure that existing functionalities are working.
  • Performance testing is done before and after the release for which we maintain the spreadsheet which is shared with development team.


  • Dedicated QA has proved very useful in maintaining high level quality of application in this phase of project cycle.
  • Made sure that we always identify the performance bottlenecks on time and work on them proactively.
  • Reduce the development costs, time and stress by finding the issues earlier in the development cycle.
  • Keep a track of all the production issues/enhancements list based on priority and share the spreadsheet with the development team so as to prioritize the list.
  • Quick execution of the test cases before the enhancements released on the production server.

Technology Used

  • ASP.Net 2.0/4.0 Framework with SQL Server 2005/2008, TRAC, Microsoft Excel 2007, Infragistics, Dundas Chart.