Desktop Application for Real Estate Industry

Client is a leading software provider for the real estate appraisal industry and has been in the forefront of appraisal software innovation and developed flexible software for processing complex forms with integrated reports processor.



  • Testing needed to be performed on different combinations of OS without any detailed documentation.
  • The whole application build given by client is 20 years old and they have done so many changes to make it compatible to the current environment and requirements.
  • This application has to run on all different OS - Win XP/Vista/7 with 32bit and 64 bit combination with all their DPI settings.
  • As this application was too complex and based on appraisal software one major part of challenge was its security.


  • Created testing environments for different Operating Systems.
  • Test plan preparation was based on client calls and provided specification documents.
  • Test cases executed and Fail/Pass statistics were shown in the Test case spreadsheet.
  • Regression testing done on fixed defects and changed defect status accordingly in Mantis.
  • Test all the functional areas and Regression in the application after a bug fix in the new build.
  • Performed Integration testing & prepared Release Notes on each build release.


  • The Increased application quality on wide array of predefined configurations, focusing on customer needs and flexibility in building an extended list of browsers, OS, hardware, etc.
  • Ensured uninterrupted system performance in different configuration, different connection and internet speed.
  • Quick execution of compatibility tests before each product release helped the application to work in real word.
  • Testing team did a tremendous job while testing its security part also found a major security flaw from system which existed from 20 years! Ultimately team targeted for security testing and finally achieved a highly secured tested application.

Technology Used

  • Bug tracking tool - Mantis
  • Microsoft Excel 2010