Wanted to provide you our sentiments about our team's performance over the past several months. They have been great. Our team has been more proactive than ever.

It is very beneficial to have @Developer_T and @Developer_A bring us ideas beyond coding - but thoughts about how we can provide better overall solutions for customers.

They always leave our team with the feeling that they are also passionate members of the IE team and very much care about our customers being happy.

They do a fine job writing code, but I especially appreciate the fact that I know they truly do care about our business, and when they are needed for special situations, they always are very supportive.

You are fortunate to have @Developer_T, @Developer_A, and @TeamLeader_A as part of your team and so are we.

PresidentLeading Solution Provider in Automated Service Management
As always, I am very happy with my team. We do not have a traditional way of development, due to how our business is run, but the developers have done an excellent job of accommodating this method. We have plans to move to a more agile method soon, but I appreciate the flexibility we have had to get to where we are. Keep up the great work.
VP of Strategic DevelopmentNon-profit Health Organization
We have come a long way in our journey with Clarion and have come to have a much better sense of trust and confidence in your organization as part of our business success. We see you as part of our firm & not just vendors. I credit them directly for this greater sense of accomplishment & consistency. The entire team is marvelous and we greatly appreciate their innovative, intuitive understanding as a part of our team to help create functions that bring the requirements to life.
Director of product developmentLeading Performance Management and Employee Management Organization
How great I think that you guys are performing, especially over the last 2-3 months, the ability of the platform and the way you guys have been instituting changes has been very efficient and fantastic. We really do appreciate it, and we look at you as our operational partners. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for the update. There have been some nice changes happening in the platform. This is IMPRESSIVE!!!! Great work.
Founder & CEOFinance Firm
Clarion has been the development arm of our company for nearly 9 years. During this time, Clarion has always under-promised and over-delivered. As a trusted partner not just for web development services, but also for project management, quality assurance, and testing, Clarion has never disappointed us in terms of the quality of services or staff. I highly recommend Clarion for any business, large or small. I am happy with the entire team. Everyone is excellent and they go above and beyond to exemplify the best in project management.
FounderInternational Law Association

From the beginning, I feel the Clarion team is one of the best professionals that I have worked with. The way they implemented the SDK was amazing and you don't see that even in big companies with that type of performance and collection. The team collaborated and helped each other to achieve the final result even in areas that are not their specialties, such as backend, queries, etc. Thank you for all the effort and for helping us to achieve the final goal. The team was so dedicated that they developed and delivered the tasks before the deadline. Every one of the team members was constantly proposing improvements to the project as a whole. Amazing work!

Product OwnerLeading Tech Company
I am beyond grateful to the entire Clarion team. They always go above and beyond in their customer service and thought-provoking problem-solving. Their people are technically savvy, but they are also heart-centered and a joy to work with. They are indeed part of our family.
CEO & FounderHealthcare Company
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