Hi @Developer_V, I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the great work you have been doing. I’ve noticed that you exceeded expectations and are a beneficial resource for the developers. We appreciate your work! I’d ask that you keep that up as we continue to work on Highlight Health. You have a great eye for thinking like the end-user and considering the Member’s needs, which is exactly what we need to be doing. Thanks for your efforts! Keep it up! The team is very dynamic, accurate in analyzing the features and asking appropriate questions, accommodating day to day needs of the business & specific in the quality of the delivery
President, HRInsurance & Healthcare Company
@TeamLeader_K is an asset to the project. He gives many ideas. I am very much happy with him and the suggestions I get from him. I liked it when he also had the same solution which I had in my mind. @TeamLeader_Rthinks just like me. Thank you, Clarion, for sourcing him for me.
DirectoreCommerce Company
The team is very dynamic, accurate in analyzing the feature and asking the appropriate question, accommodating the day-to-day needs of the business & specific in the quality of the delivery.
PresidentHR & Insurance Company
The Manual and Automation team did a great job, we successfully launched the big private sale on our website and so far, no issue reported. We would like to celebrate the success with the team members. Also, especially manual team members did great communication and collaboration with multiple stakeholders from our end. I would like to sincerely thank you all for the hard work.
QA ManagereCommerce Company
The team is doing very well, and I am very happy with the progress.
Director of Business DevelopmentMedia & Publishing Company
@TeamLeader_A, who is our head person in charge of the team does a fabulous job. Along with the in-depth knowledge he brings to the team he is a good communicator and leader. He is easy to talk to, quick to respond and can explain technical things to me in a way I can understand the on-going issues. @Developer_A is someone I can always count on. I feel the greatest thing about @Developer_A and me is our ability to communicate with each other. I feel even though we are half a world apart we are a great team working together to solve problems and make Touchstone grow. I thank the whole team for making this easy for us. @Developer_M is one of our top programmers in my opinion. @Developer_A gives him some of the harder website tasks. Not only is his knowledge in Touchstone, but he is the may programmer for the RMG Website. He took over the code for the new RMG website from @Developer_D. We had several major issues when the RMG website went live in July, but with any new deployment and with @Developer_D leaving and @Developer_M taking over I was not surprised and expected it. @Developer_M always stays to get the urgent issues done and is a great team member to count on.
Vice PresidentLeading Mortgage Provider
Great work done by both of them in making an application that would transfer the data from Daceasy to Epicor. They faced a couple of challenges but were able to handle them within the budget and timeline. It was a tough one and a lot of r&d work and dependency on the third party. Really proud of my team. Keep it up.
DirectorEquipment Manufacturing Company
Gentlemen, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you have been doing. The team has been consistent and very punctual with the deadlines. Everyone is professional and ensures to make the process flawless. A stable and useful environment are the two most important things for our end users. Thank you for making our application better every day.
IT Project ManagerATM Management & Supporting Services Company
I just wanted to express my soaring level of satisfaction with the work to date. Each of you are critical components of the dev team, and your service and expertise are much appreciated. Your ability to understand the complexities of pharmacy and nursing homes is unparalleled, and the quality of your code, as well as your work ethic does not go without notice. I envision a long-standing relationship with each of you as our company is growing exponentially and the quality demonstrated from the Clarion team is rare to find. Kudos to each of you for a job well done!
EVPLeading Pharma Firm

There have been many instances where I believe that developers have exceeded our expectations, they went above and beyond and showed great care for their work. Both of them have shown dedication to the project, timelines and to their quality of the deliverables and expectations. They have each worked extra hours, late nights and even on weekends to be able to deliver work that meets or exceeds what we were expecting. 

@TeamLeader_C has been integral in keeping track of all of the work / progress and minute details of each of the members of the team. He continues to make himself available to us any hour of the day / night and is never more than 5 or 10 minutes away from answering a quick question on Skype. He helps make our jobs so much easier and helps us communicate necessary information, priorities and task updates to the members of the team. With a strong technical background, he is also instrumental in coming to the conversations where a problem is presented already armed with one or more possible solutions. 

The team has gotten into a routine of continuing to deliver quality work on a consistent basis. The current project of upgrading the Site Admin portals to PHP 7.2 has proven that they are willing to go above and beyond the necessary requirements to deliver a great quality end result and that has become apparent in the testing that we've been doing. There have been very few if any bugs that were found to be a result of their recent work in the upgrade project. 

We've noticed a steady increase in the speed and agility of the development team and the developers have been delivering quality work with more consistency. We think that a lot of this is the clarity being brought into the projects early on based on the new template and format for the tickets as well as the focus that we are placing up front on our calls and meeting to ensure that the developers understand the work.

OwnerLeading Online Defensive Driving Program
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