Do you Want Developers to Join your Team

and Hit the Ground Running?

Since 18 years, we have been providing on-demand developers to companies around the world.


1 You Define

You define the kind of developers you need for your existing projects or kicking off a new project.

2 We Handpick

We handpick the best fit from our pool of highly qualified, trained and experienced developers - No freelancers. Voila! You meet your dedicated developer(s) - usually within 24 hours.

3 You Kickoff

NDA is signed and you kickoff the project with our developers that are now part of your team. Coding starts in matter of hours.

4 We Work

Our developers work on your project. You Interact, and plan for milestones and seamlessly communicate with them. Daily reporting of project through virtual meetings and developers’ blog give you insight into progress on deliverables.


Code-by-code, line-by-line, developers complete milestones and you experience accelerated development. Achieve success, celebrate, and repeat.


Whether you are experiencing hyper-growth or looking to restructure the team, you can easily and quickly scale up or down the size of your Clarion developers team.

The Clarion Advantage

  Clarion In-house Developers Freelance Developers
Time to get right developers Clarion1 day - 2 weeks In House Developers4 - 12 weeks Freelance Developers1 - 12 weeks
Time to start a project Clarion1 day - 2 weeks In House Developers2 - 10 weeks Freelance Developers1 - 12 weeks
Acquisition cost Clarion0 In House Developers$10,000 - $30,000 Freelance Developers0
Recurring cost of training & benefits Clarion0 In House Developers$5000 - $10,000 Freelance Developers0
Time to scale size of team Clarion1 day - 2 weeks In House Developers4 - 16 weeks Freelance Developers1 - 12 weeks
Pricing (weekly Average) 1.5X 4X 1X
Project failure risk ClarionExtremely Low

We have 98% success ratio

In House DevelopersLow Freelance DevelopersVery High
Developers backed by a delivery team ClarionYES In House DevelopersSome Freelance DevelopersNo
Dedicated resources ClarionYES In House DevelopersYes Freelance DevelopersNot Always
Agile Development methodology ClarionYES In House DevelopersSome Freelance DevelopersNo
Quality guarantee ClarionYES In House DevelopersNo Freelance DevelopersSome
Impact due to turnover ClarionNONE In House DevelopersHigh Freelance DevelopersHigh
Structured training programs ClarionYES In House DevelopersSome Freelance DevelopersNo
Communications ClarionSeamless In House DevelopersSeamless Freelance DevelopersUncertain
Termination costs ClarionNONE In House DevelopersHigh Freelance DevelopersNone
Assured work rigor Clarion40 hrs/week In House Developers40 hrs/week Freelance DevelopersUncertain
Tools and professional environment ClarionBest-in-Class In House DevelopersVaries Freelance DevelopersNo
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Why Companies Like Yours Choose Clarion

Beyond solid technical expertise, our developers are thinkers, innovators, and completely results driven.

  • Every developer you choose is 100% dedicated to your project
  • High success ratio of 98% with a unique delivery model and right the 1st time approach
  • Developers’ Blog gives you insight into daily progress
  • Quick to ramp-up and experience working with various project management tools
  • SEI CMMI Level 3 certified - mature development processes and infrastructure
  • All developers are Clarion employees so you never have to chase down developers
  • Agile development methodology and established coding standards
  • Quickly and easily scale up or down the size of your team in a matter of days

A Proven Model


Companies of all sizes have hired our developers for vital projects


Our employees with top developers pool


Number of years we have been providing dedicated developers to companies worldwide


State-of-the-art development centers


Success ratio compared to 5-10% by freelance platforms and other providers

Some of Our Clients Who Have Codified Their Vision
Financial Driver
Orange Digital
The Blue
European Wax Center
Loan Zoom
Financial Driver
Wire Stone
Creative Business

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