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Case Study - Ektron and .NET a Powerful Fusion for Lightweight and Flexible Websites

A complete revamp of the existing website of a healthcare management agency required processes to be faster, simpler and streamlined. A robust CMS

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An MRO Inventory Optimization Solution with Enhanced User Experience & Design

The client is a leading service provider of Maintenance, Repair, Operations commonly known as (MRO). They create insightful reports to help in

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Case Study-E-Commerce Application based on MVC framework using nopCommerce

The Client had and existing legacy system for hosting their ecommerce services. The primary requirement was to incorporate their old customer and

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Case Study - Accurate Sales Forecasting with a state-of-the-art Dot Net Web Application

The client was facing a major integration problem with the existing Salesforce CRM system. Especially, many severe issues popped-up while

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Case Study - Enhanced Scalability of Fintech Apps with the Azure cloud

A stable & secure application is an essential need for a client who primarily offers fintech services to institutional investors. Flexipath

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Case Study - Technology Recalibration of Forage and Feed Labs with ASP.NET

The client mainly performs research-based work, and their applications need to be aligned with it. A forage diagnostic services perform feed

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Case Study - Robust Test Automation Empowered Education Portal for Adventure Enthusiasts, Across Multiple Platforms

An Education portal involves multiple utilities and provisions. The features on the website are dynamically changing and we need to adapt to its Read more

Case Study - One-Stop Networking Avenue for Wine Connoisseurs for Planning Events

A company of top wine connoisseurs came up with a requirement to have a one-stop shop for all their customers needs.Beyond providing their

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Case Study - Complex Loan Provisioning Practices Simplified with the Distributed Framework of MVC to Ease Flexibility and Scalability

Complex Loan Provisioning Practices Simplified with the Distributed Framework of MVC to Ease Flexibility and Scalability Loan provisioning firms Read more

Case Study- Expand Horizons of Healthcare Aspirants by Career and Learning Applications

The client is on the forefront of the Healthcare market. Beyond Healthcare administration they are actively involved in Healthcare training

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