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The client has a robust, easy-to-use tool for trade promotion management (TPM) solution that helps Fast moving consumer goods companies (CPGs) adjust their planning strategies such as Trade Planning, Contract Planning and delivering vital set of information to key stakeholders including Business Plan management, Budget/Sales Objective allocation, Trade Promotion Funding, What-if scenarios (TPO), Promotion/Tactic planning and much more.

The existing tool was built on VisualForce and was accessed by several users.

This posed the following main challenges:

Technology challenge:

  • Usability: Although VisualForce and Lightning belong to Salesforce, VisualForce is not as user-friendly as Lightning
  • Salesforce is slowly moving towards Lightning and will soon do away with VisualForce completely
  • The existing tool already had a large number of users. Migrating the entire tool to Lightning without jeopardizing any of its functionalities was a challenge

Executional challenge:

  • The client’s prior experience with development companies wasn’t very encouraging leading to a slight uncertainty and discomfort
  • The client was new to Agile


Solutions we provided: 

Technology Expertise: 

  • We carefully migrated each the component and the VisualForce pages to Lightning without affecting any functionality of the already live tool
  • A reusable code and Angular JS was used to reduce development time and make the tool faster and user-friendly

 Process Expertise:

  • A shadow product owner was created, who would represent the client to the team and build backlogs. This helped save time by enabling real-time corrections in any gaps or ambiguities
  • Complete transparency was maintained between both teams so as to facilitate comfort in execution and instill a sense of confidence in the previously skeptical client
  • Since the client was new to the Agile methodology, we coached the client on various Agile terminologies.

 Value Addition:

  • We developed knowledge repositories on Salesforce Lightning for client to refer to in future
  • Since we have an experience of working with Agile, we assisted the client in streamlining their processes 


Technology Used:

Technology: Salesforce Cloud | Lighting | Angular | Conga | Einstein



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