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4 Trends that will rule Mobile Application Development in 2022

4 Trends that will rule Mobile Application Development in 2022

Currently, there are approximately 5 billion mobile users in the world. It is coupled with global internet penetration that stands at 57%. These statistics can give you a rough idea of the speed with which the mobile application industry is growing. It is also anticipated that mobile devices will reach 16.8 billion by 2023. Yes, almost twice the number of the world population.

The reason behind this is simple, mobile applications brought the world at your fingertips. Everything from food, to retail to finances, can be ordered, handled, and accessed from mobile applications. This is the revolution of the Mobile application development industry, and 2022 is going to witness some latest trends. Let’s revise them before we welcome them.

1. Artificial Intelligence

We are already experiencing great user-experience as these apps recognize our behavior. This might get even better in 2022.

2. VR/AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality are two things that you need to desperately wait for. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook are investing in this area on a huge scale. This investment might push the AR/VR to greater heights.

3. On-demand apps

On-demand apps are the explosive result of the on-demand economy. Already 79% of part-time employees use on-demand apps. From groceries, entertainment to everything else on-demand apps are giving a personalized experience to its users.

4. 5 G

Ad how can we forget 5G. You can already mark the year 2021 as the year that involves the proliferation of 5G network platforms.

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