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How to Hire Web Developers in 2022 - Step-by-Step Guide

How to Hire Web Developers in 2022 - Step-by-Step Guide

Businesses all over the world want to work with best web developers to manage their IT solutions. How do you select the best IT provider who would help your business reach its highest potential? Creating an in-house software development team is a difficult task. It takes a lot of effort to manage the professionals with overhead costs. That's why many companies outsource software engineering to offshore IT companies.

Hiring web developers is need of the hour for companies searching for outsourcing software development services. All the steps mentioned below will help small and medium sized enterprises to gain resources and implement IT solutions from reliable IT partners.

Follow these Steps to Hire the Right Candidate for Web Development:

1. Check Developer Portfolio and Reviews

Clutch is the most followed website for reliable reviews of potential software developers and IT solution providers. Clutch directly contacts the companies to interview them. They put a lot of effort on getting reliable reviews.

You can also try and contact someone who has written a review to know more about the company and their experience with them? Try to get information on all aspects of the company and if they would want to work with them again.

2. Take a look at Blogs and Case Studies Before Hiring Developers

Check blogs about learned or experienced tasks that can help you get the information on a similar project that you need for your business. When someone searches for developer specific skills and abilities, these blogs and case studies can help a client understand skills and talent of a developer and also contact them. Check this case study for example, it is about feature rich website for a healthcare firm to provide high-quality, refurbished medical equipment and surplus supplies at the best possible price.


I. Steps for Hiring Back-end Developers

Anybody who needs a developer knows that they need to use tools for writing clean code for online applications. Back-end developers understand stakeholders and their requirements. They communicate progress provide quality assurance, create and maintain workflows. They raise the bar for the whole team on quality and speed and recommend system solutions for custom development.

Hire Web Developers

Skills Back-end Developers Must Have

  • Strong background in computer science, algorithms, and web design 
  • Previous experience creating highly secure web applications
  • Working knowledge of AWS' main web-enabling technologies
  • Growth mentality, which involves questioning the existing quo in order to come up with fresh ideas and answers.

Backend Developer by Country/region

Hourly Average range

Latin America


Western Europe


Eastern Europe





Example - Netflix (OTT) platforms has over 195 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Netflix uses Node.js a backend development framework for streaming as it is fast, flexible, and offers smooth performance.

II. Steps for Hiring Front-end Developers

Front-end developers work with the visual and aesthetics of a website that users see and interact. There are many coding languages that serve as a backbone for any frontend developer.

Skills Front-end Developer Must Have

  • HTML and CSS

The most fundamental building elements of web coding are HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). HTML and CSS is the basic element of coding. Both the languages are easy to understand and can be learnt in a short period of time.

  • JavaScript

It gives the site additional functionality which is not possible with HTML and CSS. JavaScript allows webpages to dynamically update themselves after responding to user activity and all without requiring a page reload to change its appearance.

  • Version control

Version control tracks and manages changes to software code. Version control systems changes to source code over time as they are software tools that help software teams.

  • Frameworks and Libraries

It includes building user-friendly interfaces and data communication from the back end to a user. Thus, it helps a Front-end Framework to build the front end of your website.

  • Cross-Browser And Device Testing

Cross browser testing means comparing and analyzing the behavior of your website in different browser environments. It helps to give an optimal user experience, independent of the browser used to access it.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It helps to create really good content and develop really fast user-friendly websites.

  • Web performance optimization (WPO)

By focusing on clean code, minimizing external requests, compressing images, implementing a CDN, and a few other methods, you can increase the speed and overall performance of your website.

Web Developers by Country




United States




United Kingdom





















III. Steps for Full Stack Developer

Hiring a full-stack developer means you get both backend and frontend development all at once. Full-stack developers can manage and troubleshoot any issues or bugs that may occur.

There are several offshore countries try to shortlist countries you consider developers who offer you the best deal in terms of price and quality ratio.

Skills Full-stack Developer Must Have

  • Maintain Overall Architecture and Implementation of New Systems

Software architectures needs to be continuously updated and synchronized with system implementation. Architecture management tools like Lattix, SonarJ, and Sotoarc and UML-tools for low-level architectural object-oriented.

  • Manage Project and communicate with Client

Communication is important for clients, but clients don’t really want to know every detail, they just want to know what they ask. Listening and understanding what the client communicates is a key factor to know what to communicate.

  • Write Ruby, Java, Python, PHP for backend code

Backend development languages help to connect the web to a database, manage user connections, and power the web application. Backend and front end together help deliver the final product.

  • Optimized front end code for clean HTML and JavaScript

Optimizing the frontend data reduces bounce rates and increasing visitors’ time on the site. It is the best practice for better frontend data loading.

  • Debugging database associated queries

Debugging process is pretty and it pushes developers to breaking point to spot inconsistency.

  • Create test code and handle client requirement.

Developers write unit tests to detect and protect against bugs in the future.

  • Monitor web applications & infrastructure

Most web performance analyzers help tracks critical indicators.

  • Troubleshooting for a resolution

IT team uses application performance monitoring tools to catch issues. By reducing of error and fulfilling maintenance needs.

Full-stack Developers

Hourly rate


$20 per hour


$32.80 per hour


$100 per hour

Think about How You Can Improve Cost-Effectiveness for Your Business

By outsourcing software development, you can invest in creating your own infrastructure and work with a software development team including web developers, designers, and testers. It saves a lot of money and you only have to pay for the work assigned. It is very cost-effective.

It also increases productivity and saves time. A team of offshore web developers can reduce costs. It is crucial for startup for a competitive setting. It cuts cost spending on training new employees, project management routine, and employee retention.

Example - Twitter ad platform migrated to cloud. It helped the company and its advertisers with accurate for real-time data, faster configuring for existing features and implementation of new ones.

I. Increase Reliability

Put your heads together as a development team to solve worst-case scenarios. Risks should also be included in discussions, and should be prioritized to take preventative steps.

Example – Strong web development has guided Starbucks predicts purchases and sends individual offers of what customers will likely prefer via their app and email. This system draws existing customers and increases sales volumes.

II. Improve Communication

Communication is key for any relationship to work. It's especially important when working with a web development business, as they must fully comprehend your vision and objectives in order to provide you with the best potential outcomes. Make sure you're clear, precise, and know exactly what you're looking for. If you require assistance with web development or anything else online, please contact us.

Example: Netflix uses data in multiple ways. The company formulates ideas based on previously viewed programs. Its recommendation system drives over 80% of streamed content.

III. Streamline Your Business

When processes are streamlined operations are more likely to be productive. When superfluous duties are removed, employees will be able to focus more on the quality of what they are producing.

Example: Quora took their lead from Google, choosing to use Python where they could because of its ease of both writing and readability, for performance-critical sections.

3. Accelerate Work

Outsourcing allows you to kickstart the development process. You can save time in employee training, while you have a brand-new team with experience in the required field. You can hire individual web developers, who can create solidify tech and match the current engineering team.

Get the web developers who deliver the project much faster than the internal team. You see, you need a professional partner, and there are millions, if not billions, to select from. It is recommended to evaluate a team of offshore web developers on technical grounds before hiring them.

Tests help developers to see how they can deal with it and document processes. Go for the team that shows best quality.

Example - Shopify’s founders wanted shopping cart solution and they built a bespoke solution on Ruby on Rails framework. It turned out to be a perfect solution and generated ample of revenue.

4. Ask the Right Questions

Think about every aspect of all the requirements you have and assess the web developers for their talent and experience. List out the most essential questions that can help you to understand the web developer’s potential. Below are some sample questions that you can ask while hiring a developer:

  1. Do you consider testing essential?
  2. What has your experience been like as part of an agile software development process, if any?
  3. How familiar are you with object-oriented programming (OOP)?
  4. Tell me about the projects you’re working on (or have worked on) in your spare time.
  5. What APIs have you worked with?

Choosing between working with a freelancer or hiring someone full-time as a web developer is a final decision you have to take. The specifics of your project will determine this.

You could do better by hiring a full-time web developer if you constantly need someone to maintain your website. This makes sense, for instance, if you're creating a complicated new website that requires a lot of manual labor, updates frequently, and has a wide variety of material. A permanent developer can also refer to something temporary or "project-based," as it is now officially referred to.

Budget Posting vs. Requesting a Quote

This leaves the decision of whether to include your project budget or request price quotes from applicants.

Both options are typically available and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Include it in your proposal if your budget does not allow flexibility. In this manner, you only draw in job seekers who are eager to contribute. Of course, it will also scare some people away, but it wouldn’t have worked with them.

Request estimates if you have some room for them. Doing this prevents you from excluding potentially excellent candidates because you think the budget requirements are too low.

Pick A Country To Outsource To

Although the pandemic has been brutal for us, it has shown startup owners that they can have their products developed anywhere in the world.

However, there are regional differences in the quality-to-cost-to-cost ratio. Despite this, there is little difference in the level of progress and collaboration. For instance, among the top 3 nations for IT outsourcing, India came in #1 with affordable developer hourly rates. In addition, India has the most programmers in the world. Due to this, it is a logical option for outsourcing.

Although it’s nerve-wracking, it will get easier as you outsource. You may frequently continue working with strong prospects once you establish a working rapport with them.


Web development is about implementation of a set of platforms that works best for your business. It could be about data analytics, business apps, collaboration tools, or customer-facing services. Contact us to reach out to the best team of web developers.

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