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Clarion with its deep understanding and experience in CRM platform across various industries, helps you design a Customer Relationship Management plan that perfectly aligns with your business goals and maximizes ROI. We help choose the best-fit CRM solution and seamlessly integrate it with existing enterprise architecture to enhance efficiency and transform legacy CRM system to deliver next-generation customer experiences. We can Extend functionalities of CRM solution to solve and meet unique business problems and ensure quick and complete adoption with sustained competitive advantage by leveraging continuous maintenance and support services. 

Some of our notable services include:
  • Vision and Roadmap Layout with Our Certified Consultants, Analysts and Architects
  • Product selection, Configuration and Customizations
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Management and Solution Creation
  • Legacy Applications and CRM Products Integrations
  • Third party UI Mashups
  • Mobility and Social Media
  • On-premise CRM to Cloud CRM Migrations
  • Cloud Feasibility Assessment
  • CRM Version Upgrades and Ongoing support
  • Center for Excellence


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Mobile Development

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the hottest technology trends that has invaded the business scenario in the recent years. This technology empowers computers to replicate human intelligence in a reliable manner. For this reason, it opens new frontiers for businesses as they can take the advantage of AI-powered applications to automate their business processes and operations to drive growth and efficiency. We believe in delivering the best-in-class performance to our clients by developing applications which specifically cater to their requirements and maximize their ROI by automating their business operations. Our expertise extends to the entire range of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Chat Bots, and more. We design powerful solutions that integrate seamlessly with the client’s business model and fuel its growth in every way.

Some of our expertise include:
  • We Are AI Specialists and expert AI engineers to help your business to embark on a transformational journey with the adoption of this futuristic technology.
  • Transformational journey with the adoption of this futuristic technology.
  • Ensure that these high-tech solutions are implemented in a manner that they deliver maximum benefits and run in a glitch-free manner as well.
  • Seamless integration of the advanced AI solutions into the existing business model. - .Extensive expertise in developing advanced AI applications that empower the enterprises with the ability to automated a variety of their operations.
  • Specialize in creating customized AI-based solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of the clients and match the industry standards.
  • Provide reliable support services with 24/7 availability of our AI experts to make sure that these AI applications are always on the top.

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Marketing Automation

Sales And Marketing Automation

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, implementation and support services to help you get the most value from your marketing automation platform implementation. From day one, our Certified Experts will help transform and optimize every facet of your system, processes, integrations, support, campaigns and programs. Choose the best-fit marketing automation solution and seamlessly integrate it with existing enterprise architecture to enhance efficiency. Whether it’s Lead data, Business rules, Emails and more, migration does not have to be a painful process. We provide tools, training and strategies for seamless transitions that will allow you the accuracy and control of your campaigns and data hassle free. With the right training and enablement solutions, your migration is simple and done with ease.

Popular projects cloud experts are hired for:
  • Product Configurations
  • Customizations
  • Data Management and Integrations with Data warehouse.
  • Integration with CRM and Campaign Management Programs
  • Mobile Enablement and API Integrations



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Robotic Process Automation

Business Process Automation

The research has shown that Process Automation (BPA) can drive 25-50% cost reduction by automating data-centric, repetitive tasks by improving the accuracy and turnaround time of process execution. In addition, software bots can be deployed 24/7 reducing latency and driving higher levels of productivity. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is widely used for automating business processes in the digital world. Robotic Process Automation has evolved beyond the conventional rule-based processes as the human does on an application. Organizations are currently looking away from early cost benefits and focusing more towards optimizing processes. The software robots have developed to perform human actions and automate repetitive tasks across multiple business applications for various verticals like banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and more.

As an RPA Service Provider, we partner with organizations to help them achieve their objectives from automation initiatives.

Our notable services include::
  •  End to end services for automating the Business Process as well as the IT operations. Offer advance capabilities like RPA, Chatbot, Machine Learning and rapid API integrations.
  • Defining the strategy, continuous improvement, and innovation, implementation, automation, integration and support.
  • Ability to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts through our proven Center of Excellence framework
  • End-to-end delivery and support with flexible support services from product specialists
  • Evolved accelerators for every lifecycle phase that can be modified to suit customer requirements


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Integrations as A service

Integrations as A service

Clarion is an approved integration partner with Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) providers, providing an on-premise, cloud and hybrid integration platform based upon API-led connectivity that enables businesses to connect to cloud applications in a fast, flexible, and easy manner.


iPaaS creates digital opportunities to transform and disrupt and creates agility and scale by connecting the right data with the right people without losing visibility and control. Our Digital Integration Center of Excellence is focused on enabling its customers with agility and innovation driven by connectivity and APIs.

Center of Excellence:

Clarion offers its strategic consulting services, enabling business and digital transformation for its clients. It leverages its in-house state of the art Digital Integration Strategic Framework to help customers meet their objectives of API/ Micro Services Development including

  • Integration with External Platforms, Legacy Systems, Multi-Channels
  • Microservices and API creations
  • Integration with API management Platforms
  • DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Project/Program Management


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Generating rich, relevant insights from large data volumes is challenging, and the best data visualization tools are only as good as the quality of data they are analyzing. At Clarion, we help maximize the investment in your platform and generate rich actionable insights on quality data. Clarion offers data & analytics strategy and advisory services to ensure your program is successful and help address business problems of building a modern data and analytics platform for my business needs, and which technologies should you implement or evaluate. We help generate the right insights and activate your data to make informed decisions with best practices for managing large data volumes, diverse sources, data quality, and governance issues

Clarion is a Tableau partner with a BI center of excellence of skilled visualization experts, data scientists, and data engineers. We can infuse our Tableau experience with deeper insights to transform your information into innovation.

Our Tableau Services include:
  • Visualizations and dashboards
  • Migration from other visualization technologies to Tableau
  • Performance and scalability
  • Custom visualizations and advanced analytics
  • Training and adoption driving self-serve
  • Data Integrations, Governance, Standardization and enrichment




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Customer Service

Customer Service

As a trusted implementation partner of customer service platforms, we will help you maximize your investment in a customer support platform and ensure that it is implemented and fine-tuned to your intricate business needs. Our team of customer support platform Masters will make your transition to any customer service platform smooth and rewarding. Our track record in the region is second to none, having delivered successful implementations for the telecommunications, retail, fashion, group buying, e-commerce and IT industries.


We help in setting up Powerful Ticket Management to Centralize all your customer conversations so nothing gets ignored and everything is searchable from one place. Easily organise, prioritize and engage with others on support requests to ensure your customers get accurate and timely responses. You Unleash a vibrant online community for your customers, employees, and partners.

Our Professional Consultancy Services includes:
  • Best Practice Set-Up and Implementation
  • Brand and Feature Customization
  • Custom Widgets and Extensions:
  • Extend the Functionalities of a Platform
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • User Identity Management
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting


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Business Process Management

Business Process Management 

Business Process Management helps develop and deploy rapid custom processes across business functions in no time via emerging BPM tools and platforms. We are an BPM specialized consulting services company with a complete portfolio of BPM services from advisory to support. We are authorized partner with one of world leading BPM providers like KissFLOW.

Our notable services include:
  • Consulting and Project Planning
  • BPM Awareness Sessions
  • Business Case Evaluation
  • Process Fitments Analysis
  • Project Scoping, Scheduling and SDLC Management
  • Solution architecture and design
  • Development strategy and approach
  • Help define technical, functional and non functional specifications
  • Application implementation, design and Architecture review services
  • BPM app development, integration, configurations, and customization
  • Ongoing Application Support and Maintenance
  • Migration Support, Incident and Enhancement Management

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Productivity & Collaboration

Productivity & Collaboration

Getting visibility across all teams projects for the best planning possible with collaborations across different employees is a necessary mandate for enterprises to deliver on time. That needs organizations to organize and prioritize the team’s work, including initiatives, to build a realistic roadmap that spans multiple teams and projects. This needs best of collaboration and productivity platforms that can connect them with teams, projects, issues, calendars, for highest productivity and agile development methods. As one of the emerging Zoho and Atlassian Solution Partners, Clarion delivers technical enterprise alignment services across projects, teams and collaborations suite of products. 

Our Expertise and services include:
  • Agile development, Consulting, Integrations, Custom Development, Managed Hosting, Installation, Performance Tuning, Training, Enterprise, project migration.
  • Renew, procure and co-term licensing for all Atlassian products with support and account management.
  • Get your Atlassian and Zoho products with add-ons, running optimally, in alignment with your processes, integrate with different applications.
  • From infrastructure to managed hosting, we ensure that your systems remain operating as expected with desired SLAs.
  • Make the move from server to cloud, migrate your systems, or consolidate your instances. We do the heavy lifting for you.


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