Make. Manage. Master Outsourcing – The Agile Way

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About The Webinar

Join an interactive webinar by Clarion Technologies where we will discuss how AGILE solves the crucial challenges faced by global outsourcing projects.

In this webinar, you will learn, how AGILE helps businesses

  • Focus more on core product features rather than development process
  • Reduce communication time with dispersed teams
  • Increase the domain knowledge transfer efficiency
  • Ensure predictability in delivery

We will also share

  • Key preparations to do before starting the work with a global team
  • Best practices to follow while working with a global team
  • Real-world examples of how organizations, just like you, have benefitted from AGILE

Duration: 1 hour

About the Hosts

Amit Hiremath
CTO - Clarion Technologies

Over the last 22+ years, Amit has been instrumental in helping global companies solve their critical business problems using cutting-edge technologies. He has conceptualized, strategized, architected, and implemented several enterprise and web applications which are being used by millions of users worldwide.

Amit has conceptualized and implemented the Agile way of life across Clarion. This has helped clarion to improve the Customer Satisfaction rating and improved the understanding of customer’s business within the teams. He was instrumental in incubating Agile COE which in turn changed the way teams work at Clarion